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Sniper assassinates Russian mob kingpin in Moscow

They made him an offer he couldn't refuse.

Minnesota lawyer suspended for billing client for sex

10:55 PM 01/15/2013

Talk about screwing your client over.

Australian police to charge four Smurfs with assault

2:34 AM 01/15/2013

Four teenagers have handed themselves over to police in connection with the December 16, 2012 assault of a man at a local 7-Eleven, The Melbourne Herald Sun reports.

Court: Corporations don’t count as people in the carpool lane

3:56 AM 01/10/2013

On Tuesday a California judge ruled that a stack of papers does not count as a passenger in a car, the San Francisco Chronicle reports.

Supreme Court to hear challenges to DOMA, Prop 8

5:02 PM 12/07/2012

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to take up two potentially landmark cases on same-sex marriage.

Court: USDA can regulate Ernest Hemingway museum’s cats

3:31 PM 12/07/2012

While residing in Key West in the 1930s, Ernest Hemingway received the unusual gift of a white six-toed cat named Snowball from a ship's captain.

UK set to revise royal succession rules

11:44 AM 12/05/2012

It seems the War on (Royal) Women has met its end in the UK.

Pope Benedict unveils new Twitter account

5:54 PM 12/03/2012

"Should the Pope's tweets be considered infallible?" tweeted Twitter director of social innovation Claire Diaz-Ortiz. The audience reportedly erupted in laughter.

Supreme Court doesn’t act on gay marriage cases

7:57 PM 11/30/2012

Following a private conference Friday, the Supreme Court did not give any indication as to whether it would take on any of the ten same-sex marriage cases up for possible review.

Zebra, pony cavort through streets of Staten Island

3:43 PM 11/29/2012

Taiwanese magician makes bread grow out of his hands [VIDEO]

1:43 AM 11/29/2012

Houdini wowed audiences with his escape from the deadly Chinese Water Torture Cell. David Copperfield seemingly made the Statue of Liberty vanish into thin air in an infamous 1983 live television broadcast.

Zero shootings or stabbings reported in New York City on Monday

5:53 PM 11/28/2012

The New York Police Department was almost at a loss to explain a rare event: not one person was reported shot, stabbed, or slashed in New York City on Monday, the New York Daily News reports.

New York federal appeals court upholds concealed carry restrictions

6:22 PM 11/27/2012

If you are a law enforcement officer who already carries a gun for your job or a transgendered person in need of a firearm for self-defense, federal courts say tough luck.

Merry Christmas, maybe [VIDEO]

4:07 PM 11/27/2012

To cite the eminently quotable Carly Rae Jepsen, "This is crazy."

‘Gangnam Style’ Christmas [VIDEO]

4:05 AM 11/27/2012

Move over, Clark Griswold, you're so ... 1989. This year, all the cool kids are decking out their houses "Gangnam Style."

Top 10: Most cringeworthy videos on the Internet [VIDEO]

12:43 AM 11/21/2012

Soon, millions of families across the nation will gather around the dinner table to count their blessings while feasting themselves into a near coma. If you happen to find yourself at a loss for something to be thankful for this year, give thanks... that you aren't one of the unfortunate souls in these videos.

Supreme Court will hear challenge to parts of the Voting Rights Act

3:58 PM 11/12/2012

The U.S. Supreme Court agreed Friday to hear a case brought by an Alabama county challenging the constitutionality of portions of the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Court blocks Puerto Rico campaign finance law

3:28 PM 10/21/2012

On Friday a federal appeals court blocked key portions of Puerto Rico’s campaign finance law regulating the internal affairs of corporations and unions from taking effect.

Federal court greenlights South Carolina voter ID law

5:27 PM 10/10/2012

A three-judge panel of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia unanimously upheld South Carolina's photo ID statute on Wednesday. The ruling represents a swing in momentum from recent court decisions striking voter ID laws in states including Texas and Pennsylvania.