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Marketplace unfairness: the Internet, & obliterating taxpayer protections

Doug Kellogg
Comm. Manager, National Taxpayers Union

The Senate’s recent vote to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA), a.k.a. the federal online sales tax mandate, should stir concern in those feel the government continues to use technological development as an excuse to undermine existing legal protections we enjoyed in an offline world.

Top 5 reasons the FTC made the right decision on Google

2:03 PM 01/04/2013

On Thursday, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced it would not bring suit against Google’s search engine and other practices on anti-trust grounds. This has led to outcries from the lobby cheerleading the investigation, which continue to rail against the FTC and look for reasons for another government entity to resume the witch-hunt.

Beyond defense savings, Obama’s speech continues tax-and-spend trend

11:22 AM 01/27/2012

In his speech Tuesday night, President Obama managed to carry on his habit of advocating for bigger federal programs. Yet, at the same time he was the first president to deliver a State of the Union that technically included more savings than spending. How is this possible?

How Cain can improve his 9-9-9 plan

7:04 PM 10/26/2011

Presidential candidate Herman Cain has made his now-famous 9-9-9 tax plan the centerpiece of his campaign platform. This overhaul of the tax code, along with several others from his GOP rivals, recognizes that compliance and complexity are major hurdles for taxpayers and are damaging to the economy.