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Derek Khanna
Derek Khanna
Technology Activist
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      Derek Khanna

      Derek Khanna is a fellow with Yale Law’s Information Society Project. He was previously a hill staffer at the Republican Study Committee, has previous work experience with Microsoft, and spearheaded the national campaign on cellphone unlocking. He is a leading conservative voice on technology policy, and has spoken at the International Consumer Electronics Show, Conservative Political Action Conference, South by Southwest and at major universities.

Right To Work 2.0: A Pro-Growth Platform For The 21st Century

Memory chip parts of U.S. memory chip maker MicronTechnology are pictured at their booth at an industrial fair in Frankfurt, Germany,  July 14, 2015. REUTERS/Kai Pfaffenbach

Right to Work legislation is working across the country and now is the time to build upon that success. With Right to Work legislation, employees cannot be forced to join a union. If a worker chooses to keep their money, they can. For unions, they must prove their worth to their members. It’s common sense and effective policy.

How 114,000 people fought to legalize smartphone unlocking

4:19 PM 09/24/2013

As of 2003, consumers have had the right to change providers while keeping their wireless number. Since 2007, consumers have also had the right to "unlock" their wireless device. But the Librarian of Congress recently eliminated consumers' right to use their own device after their contract expires.