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      David Landau

      David Landau, a San Francisco editor, used to be a foreign-policy expert but gladly gave that up to be a novelist and playwright.

Who’s Taping Now?

12:56 AM 05/16/2017

President Trump's warning to ex-FBI director Comey, about the possibility that the White House might have secretly taped their conversations, has set loose a firestorm of speculation from our instant historians.

How Dictators And Dummies Get Started

3:50 PM 02/23/2017

During the bull market of 1929, when almost no one imagined that stock prices might fall, some investors were alarmed when they heard their newspaper boys telling them to buy.

The New McCarthyites

1:38 PM 12/13/2016

Democratic partisans, or so it seems, have found a reason a day for asserting that the election of Donald Trump is a fraud.

Obama’s White House Turns Defense Policy Upside Down

6:22 PM 04/20/2016

How would it be if John F. Kennedy, or his advisors, had decided that the interests of global order were better served by dismissing photographic evidence of Soviet missile emplacements on the island of Cuba — and had made that dismissal the starting-point of a U.S. policy?

When Is A Genocide Not A Genocide?

11:08 AM 02/29/2016

While presidential candidates insult each other like kids in a schoolyard, the media’s coverage has brushed by a story that might actually shed some light on our politics.

The ghost of Neville Chamberlain

5:42 PM 09/18/2013

In all the excitement over the Obama administration’s moves with Syria and Russia, the usual commentators have been forgetting an important anniversary. Seventy-five years ago, in September 1938, the leader of Europe’s most powerful nation went hat-in-hand to an upstart dictator who was ready to start a global conflict because he felt personally slighted.

History and its facsimiles

6:47 PM 06/24/2013

In public life, how do you tell the difference between substance and fluff? Edward Snowden is someone the public didn't know before he ran off to foreign territory. Is he a man from the world of civil disobedience, as some say? Let’s go back to that world and see.

The Lincolns among us

12:26 PM 12/27/2012

Steven Spielberg’s film Lincoln opens with a screen of uniformed men brawling in a formless mass on a rainy field. Two black soldiers in Union uniform emerge from the scene and speak to a man who hunches toward them. We see this is President Lincoln, with whom the soldiers are soon discussing emancipation, equality, suffrage and civil rights in the century to come.

On feminists and prostitutes

11:59 PM 12/05/2012

From this interesting political year of 2012, a topic that’s unlikely to get revisited is the pair of scandals involving U.S. officials who hired prostitutes while on visits to Latin America. Ordinarily a good sex scandal is subject to extensive reprising. But these ones aren’t, because they contain an element that’s genuinely distasteful throughout our media and society: women who are deemed “of ill repute.”