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David Lawrence
Author, 'The King of White-Collar Boxing'
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      David Lawrence

      David Lawrence has a Ph.D. in literature. He has published over 300 blog posts in American Thinker, Intellectual Conservative, Tea Party Nation and World Net Daily. His letters appear in the New York Post, the Daily News, Newsmax and USA Today. He has published over 600 poems in the major periodicals. His memoir “The King of White-Collar Boxing” can be found on Amazon.com along with his book of poems, “Lane Changes.” He was a professional boxer and a CEO of several insurance agencies. He was featured in articles in People Mag, Men’s Journal, New York Magazine and The Wall Street Journal. Last year he was listed in New York Magazine as the 41st reason to love New York. He starred in, wrote and produced “Boxer Rebellion” which played at Sundance Film Festival. He rapped in three albums which were distributed in the U.S. and overseas. He wrote the lyrics for Sam Wayman’s (Nina Simone’s brother) “Magic Man.” He modelled for the cover of “American Health.”

The Great Divider: Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama holds a press conference at the conclusion of the APEC Summit in Lima, Peru November 20, 2016.  REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Obama and the Democrats are always pointing their fingers at targets, accusing them of increasing divisiveness in America. As if a target were an arrow. As if there were no mirror on the target, reflecting Obama’s complicity?

The Fall Of New York Under De Blasio

5:02 PM 11/21/2016

We have more poor than rich in New York so De Blasio attacks the rich to try to gobble up the votes of the poor.  He is progressive, which means that he progressively tries to pickpocket votes.

The Extent Of Hillary’s Guilt

1:25 PM 11/01/2016

If you’ve never been to jail you don’t know anything about it.  I did a short-term, two years for tax evasion at Schuyllkill Federal Prison Camp in Pennsylvania.

Hillary, The Mouse That Roared

4:39 PM 10/05/2016

In the comical movie in 1959 Peter Sellers blunders his way into capturing the United States heading up his ridiculously primitive Duchy of Grand Fenwick. Are we going to let a weakling like Hillary take over? She is a mouse like Peter Sellers. She is a presentation without substance. Will we be conquered by a mouse--Hillary?

Trump Does Not Disrespect Women

4:35 PM 09/29/2016

Hillary, a woman cheated on, a woman who is financed by misogynistic Middle Eastern countries, a woman who covered up her husband’s rapes,  a woman who points her finger and grimaces during memorized speeches, has the nerve to say Donald Trump, who hires and promotes women and improves their lot in life, disrespects women.

Weiner Again

12:45 PM 09/22/2016

Now Weiner is texting a 15-year-old girl.  Is the whole Democratic party perverted? Hillary is married to Bill, a rapist.  Huma Abedin has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood whose treatment of women is notoriously poor.

The Horror of J’Ouvert

5:15 PM 09/09/2016

De Blasio feels that a parade is necessary for his popularity.  As a result,  17-year-old Tyreke Borel and 22-year-old Tiareh Poyau are now dead.

Give Me Jail

12:07 PM 09/06/2016

When I went to Federal Prison Camp at Schuylkill, Pennsylvania. They strip searched me.  I didn’t like it, but it was what it was.

People Like Me Who Would Accept Abortion Are Wrong

4:19 PM 12/04/2015

When I was eighteen in 1964 my girlfriend told me that she thought that she was pregnant.  We were rich Jews living in Great Neck. We spoke to her liberal parents and they told us that they could find a doctor who would perform an illegal abortion.

I Always Respected The Police, Even In Prison

5:26 PM 12/29/2014

Federal Prison Camp is color blind. I remember hearing a black inmate complain that he thought the guards were racist. But being treated like we didn’t exist, like we were invisible, is how you're treated in prison. I respected the police ignoring me and my drug dealer friends. Calling prison cops prejudiced is like saying a blind man is staring at you.

Why I’m Not Wetting My Pants Over The CIA Torture Report

4:34 PM 12/10/2014

With the release of the Senate report on torture, President Obama said that it reinforced his view that enhanced interrogation was “not only inconsistent with our values as a nation, they did not serve our broader counterterrorism efforts or our national security interests."

Liberals Are Hedonists With Short-Term Time Preference

5:19 PM 11/17/2014

The problem with modern day social liberals is that they are looking for immediate gratification. They pretend that they are helpful to the less fortunate and then they feel proud of themselves for any effort that they make for the poor’s redemption or betterment, regardless of whether or not their supposed generosity works.

America’s Warped Jungian Unconscious

5:24 PM 06/16/2014

President Obama says about the school shooting at Troutdale, Oregon, “This is not acceptable, this is not normal … We’re the only developed country on Earth where this happens and it happens now once a week and it’s a one-day story.”