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The gloomy prospects for tax reform

Daniel Mitchell
Senior Fellow, Cato Institute

Is tax reform impossible? That’s a depressing topic to address on Tax Day, particularly since I’ve spent the past 20 years pushing for tax reform.

Obama gets his class-warfare trophy, but the fiscal cliff is just one battle in a long war

6:06 PM 01/02/2013

Next Monday, Notre Dame has the near-hopeless task of playing Alabama for college football’s national title. By all accounts, this is a mismatch, featuring the top team from the nation’s strongest conference against an Irish squad that backed into the championship game because so many other teams stumbled. So very few people will be surprised when the Crimson Tide emerges victorious.

Time for a Flat Tax

12:00 AM 04/15/2010

With Tax Day upon us, it’s time to reflect and create a better tax system. The one we have now—the Internal Revenue Code—is a complicated failure that hinders America’s growth while allowing the politically well-connected to get special breaks that are not available to average workers and businesses. This corrupt mess should be ripped up and replaced by a simple and fair flat tax.