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Frank Donatelli
Frank Donatelli
Former Political Director for President Reagan
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      Frank Donatelli

      Frank Donatelli is the chairman of GOPAC, an organization dedicated to educating and electing a new generation of Republican leaders. He previously served as the political director for President Ronald Reagan.

800 miles from Washington, a new conservative blueprint

10:38 AM 10/08/2013

Eight hundred miles and a world away from the life-and-death budget struggle in Washington, conservative activists gathered in St. Louis last weekend to meet a new generation of conservative leaders. They left the regional Conservative Political Action Conference with renewed hope, both for the party and the movement as a whole.

Obama’s latest unserious budget

1:26 PM 03/08/2013

Our celebrity president is taking some time away from TV appearances and campaigning to actually submit his budget for the upcoming year. He is already in violation of the law that required him to present his plan to fix our economy on February 4, but the country has its timetable, and he has his.

Inconvenient truths and stubborn facts

10:55 AM 07/15/2010

Public debate and discussion are the critical disinfectants for democratic government.  That’s how we spotlight ideas and alternatives and ultimately make decisions on the great issues of the day.  This elemental truth seems to have escaped this administration and congressional leaders as Congress and the president have moved to preclude debate in this crucial election year on possibly the two most important issues facing the American people:  health care and the federal budget.