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      Doug Giles

      Doug Giles is the author of Raising Righteous & Rowdy Girls. Follow him on Twitter @Doug_Giles and on Facebook. You can see and hear Doug’s video blog and talk show at

How to Prep Your Daughter to Carry a Concealed Weapon

11:18 AM 02/27/2012

The carrying of a deadly weapon and the ability to have within your hand the wherewithal to remove a person from the planet is a sobering cup of Joe.  I know you’re thinking, “Why, thank you Captain Obvious. I wouldn’t have seen that if you hadn’t pointed it out to me.”

WWJC: What Would Jesus Carry?

3:08 PM 01/31/2012

I was on a talk show the other day defending the Second Amendment and our right to protect ourselves from violent weeds. I made it clear that I am a Christian who is extremely cool (to the point of being giddy) with our right to keep and bear arms.

13 Politically Incorrect Gun Rules

7:16 AM 01/16/2012

Gun lovers. Herewith are thirteen things to remember when carrying your weapon.  BTW- this list is not original.  I’ve Google up the bullet points but alas …I got nada in regards to who penned it. If and when someone schools me on who the author is you can rest assure that I’ll give him or her proper praise.  Enjoy.

Locked and Loaded Lasses: I Have a Dream!

7:11 AM 01/05/2012

I’m a dreamer. I can’t help it. I’ve seen The Lion King too many times not to be a visionary. I have many dreams, desires and visions. One in particular is to hunt all of the big five dangerous game animals in Africa. If I live long enough I plan on making that happen. Here’s another thing I’d like to see, a dream I've been having lately: I’d like to see a nationwide tsunami of ladies equipped to the teeth with the physical prowess and the firearm capability to kill any and all would-be murderers and rapists should such creeps ever accost them.

Hunters vs. Tree Humpers

2:58 PM 12/27/2011

My wife and I have an acquaintance from Boston we’re unfortunately forced to interface with on an irregular basis who continuously gives me and my family hell about hunting.