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David Pietrusza
David Pietrusza
Author, "Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography"
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      David Pietrusza

      David Pietrusza is the editor of “Silent Cal’s Almanack: The Wit & Wisdom of Vermont’s Calvin Coolidge,” “Coolidge on the Founders: Reflections on the American Revolution & The Founding Fathers,” and the recently released “Calvin Coolidge: A Documentary Biography.”

My dinner with Calvin

1:23 PM 02/20/2013

My phone rang late on a Friday evening. The number was from an area code with which I wasn’t too familiar.

Warren Gamaliel Newt? Not!

12:38 PM 03/15/2012

Embattled former history professor Newt Gingrich has recently delved deep into his impressive store of historical knowledge to tout a precedent for a deadlocked 2012 Republican National Convention that will see the GOP ultimately turn to (of all people) him.

If it ain’t fixed, broker it: a brief history of long conventions

11:43 AM 02/29/2012

Increasingly loud and nervous chatter about a possible — perhaps even a likely — brokered 2012 Republican National Convention mandates a gander back at what had previously been surmised to be a political species as extinct as the fabled bull moose: the phenomenon of national conventions that dare to proceed beyond the now-seemingly obligatory rush to first-ballot judgment.