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Suzanne Scholte
Suzanne Scholte
President, Defense Forum Foundation
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      Suzanne Scholte

      Suzanne Scholte​ is President of the Defense Forum Foundation. She​ is a globally awarded human rights advocate and a former congressional Chief of Staff. Winner of the Seoul Peace Prize, she has received international acclaim for liberating some of the most persecuted people in the world​, including those in North Korea and Western Sahara.

Honor Otto Warmbier By Helping Liberate North Koreans

Otto Frederick Warmbier (C), a University of Virginia student who was detained in North Korea since early January, is taken to North Korea's top court in Pyongyang, North Korea, in this photo released by Kyodo March 16, 2016. North Korea's supreme court sentenced American student Warmbier, who was arrested while visiting the country, to 15 years of hard labour for crimes against the state, China's Xinhua news agency reported on Wednesday. Mandatory credit REUTERS/Kyodo

I confess that I have not yet been able to process what Otto Warmbier and his family have had to endure this past year and a half.   His homecoming and death continue to haunt me and so many of my colleagues in the North Korea human rights movement.  What is it that makes Otto so different from other Americans who have been held by this regime?

A True Loss In The Muslim World: The Death Of President Mohamed Abdelaziz

7:15 PM 06/13/2016

The world lost a great Muslim champion for democracy, human rights and the rule of law, with the untimely death of Mohamed Abdelaziz of Western Sahara on May 31st of this year. As the democratically elected President of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), Abdelaziz labored his entire life to see justice prevail for the people of Western Sahara, the only colony in Africa yet to be decolonized.   

Is The Benghazi Investigation Still A ‘Witch Hunt’?

10:54 AM 09/17/2014

Sen. Dianne Feinstein called the Benghazi hearings a “witch hunt.” The Obama administration called the attacks an “old story.” Congressman Gerry Connolly said the congressional investigation is a “blatant exploitation of a tragedy” with “outrageous GOP charges” that a U.S. security team was held back from rescuing Ambassador Stevens.

WikiLeaks documents support Polisario’s goal of self-determination

9:11 PM 12/20/2010

At a time when tensions between the Polisario and Morocco in their fight over Western Sahara, Africa’s last colony, are at the highest point since the 1991 ceasefire, WikiLeaks documents have enhanced the cause of the Polisario by revealing that the supporters of the Polisario are the good guys in this fight.