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What motivates opponents of amnesty and higher immigration? Concern for American workers

Dan Stein
President, FAIR
(REUTERS 2013)

Immigration laws exist to protect the social, economic and security interests of the people of the United States. In the realm of economic security – the issue that is indisputably at the top of the American public’s list of concerns – they serve to protect American workers at all skill levels from corporations that profit off of cheap labor.

Garbage in, garbage out: GOP operatives design immigration survey to support amnesty

4:35 PM 04/01/2013

The Republican Party has already undergone a self-described autopsy and a post-mortem. Now, some of the political strategists who have guided the party through its long decline have come up with a plan to revive the corpse.

Fabricating consensus on immigration

12:41 PM 02/27/2013

The last legislative effort to enact a massive amnesty for illegal aliens in the U.S. ended in bitter disappointment for proponents in 2007.

The president’s imperial amnesty decree

7:00 PM 06/20/2012

President Obama’s unilateral declaration last week that he will stop enforcing immigration laws for an entire class of individuals --- at least through the November election --- took many by surprise. Most are under the impression that Congress, not the White House, makes the immigration laws of the United States.