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David Warrington
Vice President for Election Education, Republican National Lawyers Association
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      David Warrington

      David A. Warrington is Vice President for Election Education of the Republican National

      Lawyers Association and a Partner at LeClairRyan. All opinions expressed are his personal


FEC Commissioner Uses Russian Meddling As Excuse To Restrict Internet Speech

FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

Anti-free speech liberals have long sought to regulate and restrict Americans’ freedom of speech on the Internet.  Now, their longtime champion, FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub, has found her latest excuse to restrict American citizens' free speech on their own websites, blogs, YouTube, and social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.  Speaking about Russian meddling in the last election at a recent meeting of the FEC (at minute 10:55), Weintraub stated:

Personal Attacks Are All Liberals Have Against Trump Nominees

11:39 AM 09/21/2017

Since President Trump was elected, conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans can’t have legitimate policy and legal disagreements with liberals.  According to liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and Republicans want to destroy America, want to hurt or kill people, and are bad people, simply because they do not have progressive policy views.

Jeff Sessions’ Conduct Has Been Beyond Reproach

10:32 PM 06/13/2017

Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ testimony on Tuesday before the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence demonstrated he has conformed to the highest standards of ethical conduct during his entire career, and especially since becoming attorney general in February.

The Witch Hunt Against Sessions Will Just Make Democrats Look Ridiculous

1:53 PM 03/03/2017

Democrats and their liberal allies are calling for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign over testimony during his confirmation process regarding his contacts with Russian officials during the Trump campaign.  This is absurd.  General Sessions did not commit perjury, either under the legal standard or the looser political standard, or intentionally mislead Congress or the American people.  Indeed, in the statements at issue, he responded as any skilled lawyer would—by actually answering the question that was asked.