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      Eben Carle

      Eben Carle served in the White House as an Associate Director on the Homeland Security Council from 2008-2009. He received a master’s degree in American studies from Columbia University and is currently writing his first novel.

The end of bin Laden

10:41 AM 05/02/2011

Osama bin Laden, the man who killed over 3,000 Americans, is dead. Sunday night the president announced that American Special Forces eliminated the mass-murderer who spent the past decade as the counterpoint to human evolution.

P2V: Weaving gold from straw

11:38 AM 11/11/2010

His father always told him that when a man points a gun in your face, if he doesn’t fire in the first two seconds then he doesn’t want to. You know you have time, however brief, to change the outcome.

A standoff in the Rockies

3:45 PM 11/01/2010

Maybe, just maybe, pundits have been a bit too quick to mock the emergence of “witchcraft” as an issue in this year’s election cycle. Has anyone even considered the benefits? A student of dark magic could prove useful when Americans under 40 require a séance to resurrect their Social Security contributions. Election seasons like this are a reminder of how good we have it in America. No matter how strange things get, at least we aren’t stuck near the Equator listening to Hugo or Fidel giving a six-hour reading of The Communist Manifesto.

Mosque opponents are spreading bigotry

2:49 PM 08/19/2010

The uproar over the construction of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero, on private property, has all the makings of a national embarrassment; the kind that emerges once a generation and leaves the politicians behind it destined for retirement as cautionary tales.

Immigration reform will not happen this year

11:22 AM 07/15/2010

As I witnessed the birth of my first child on July 4th, screams echoed throughout the delivery room. The anguish wasn’t coming from my stoic wife, but rather from the doctor, who was irate over Obamacare. After practicing medicine for 17 years, her malpractice insurance now represents half of her annual salary: a sum she must borrow with interest in order to pay in one lump sum.

The last cold warrior

12:00 AM 06/25/2010

Our lives continue to be defined by the Cold War, even as the phrase itself has devolved into an artifact of language.

A great moment for expectations

12:00 AM 06/11/2010

Washington is a town that is all too accustomed to watching phenoms fall flat. Every few years, a new telegenic messiah arrives to walk upon the waters of the Potomac, and promptly sinks.

At war with competence in the Gulf

12:00 AM 05/28/2010

If there is a recurring tale in this new century, it is that the Gulf Coast is where political fortunes go to die. The Gulf in the 21st century has become the delicate-yet-furious eco-nightmare in which central planners and corporate heads get bogged down, before having their heads placed upon the electronic guillotine of cable news.

Pour one out for the WASP

12:00 AM 05/19/2010

Few things announce an open audition for the bizarre like a nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court. The subsequent debate makes our presidential races look mild in comparison. This is the byproduct of “the people” having no direct control over the confirmation process. Nothing turns up the volume on crazy like the recognition that the composition of the Supreme Court is entrusted to people you don’t trust.

The virtues of partisanship

12:00 AM 05/10/2010

Partisanship, political fighting and public rancor have always fueled the ideas that matter—the revolutionary advances that elevate man’s station in life. Throughout history, hotly-contested ideas are a sign that people are thinking. We are in such times. Times which, as Thomas Paine noted, “Try men’s souls.” Yet partisanship is condemned each day as indecent. Many incumbents speak of bipartisanship, not as a vice to protect the status quo, but as if it’s a virtue. Last year our Secretary of State declared, “Ideology is so yesterday.”

Another ‘never again’ moment

12:00 AM 04/30/2010

If government insists upon regulating everything except itself, then those energies should be directed at a rather loud and rude killer: cell phones.

Ford leaves drama in its dust

12:00 AM 04/14/2010

One of the more endearing qualities of the American people is their appetite for excess. Bureaucrats have fashioned careers on wagging their plump fingers at excess, and documentary filmmakers built an industry on reprimanding free people for living their lives, but then again, these merchants of guilt could find fault with box seats at Wrigley.

The unelected government

12:00 AM 03/31/2010

The irony of our present democracy is that the rules that govern it are written by people who never asked for your vote.

Abandoning the space race

12:00 AM 03/11/2010

When archaeologists unearth the relics of the American Century, the space race will be our Holy Grail. Space was our New World. In 1962, when John F. Kennedy declared “we choose to go to the moon,” he encouraged every American to look up to the stars and summon the spirit of Columbus staring across the Atlantic. During the Apollo program every American taxpayer became a deckhand on the voyage to the moon. It was a journey that created the world we now live in, spawning GPS systems, plastics, alloy metals, cordless power tools and cancer detecting CAT scans