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Boy Featured In Barbie Ad For First Time Ever

US | Emma Colton
'Moschino Barbie is so fierce!'

Clinton Gets 70 Percent Of Donations From 'Best' US Colleges

Education | Emma Colton
Medical professionals reportedly the most conservative demographic

New York Announces Accidentally Keeping Hundreds Of DEAD People on Medicaid

US | Emma Colton
And some of them were enrolled after they died

Bus Driver Attacks Helpless Special Needs Student

Education | Emma Colton
The driver was arrested for assault

You Won't Believe How Much This Guy Got Charged To Have His Car Towed Out Of A Mud Pit

US | Emma Colton
He won't get any help from insurance company

New Bill Would Force Americans To Pay Huge Taxes And Fines On Their Guns

US | Emma Colton
Critics told to wake from 'Second Amendment addiction slumber'

One Of The Largest Drug Tunnels Found On The U.S.-Mexico Border, 12 Tons Of Weed Confiscated

US | Emma Colton
Suspected to be run by 'El Chapo's' cartel

Man Gets So Angry During Game Of Dice, He Shoots Opponent Dead

US | Emma Colton
He's still at large

Rebellious World War II Nurse Jumps Out Of Airplane For 90th Birthday And It's Awesome

US | Emma Colton
Wanted to see 'God's creation'

Conservative Student Called 'Uncle Tom' On Twitter For Supporting Statue Of Founding Father

Education | Emma Colton
'Quite proud to be in that picture'

Boy Hits Girl With A Basketball After She Rejects His Flirting

US | Emma Colton
Well, that was an overreaction

Teen Sees Spider On Her Lap While Driving, Absolutely Loses Her Mind, Causes Four-Car Pile Up

US | Emma Colton
It's also National Teen Driver Safety Week

Nutball Professor Totally Sorry For GUNNING DOWN 3 Professors

Education | Emma Colton
'Do I think she's truly sorry? I think she truly wants to get out of prison'

Motorcycle Caught On Camera Getting Violently Hit By Car, Driver Says He 'Doesn't Care' He Hit Them

US | Emma Colton
One motorcycle rider had to be airlifted to the hospital

Federal Documents Released By Whistleblower Reveals Insane Amount Of Drone Use Under Obama Administration

Tech | Emma Colton
Unintended people are dying

Watch Palestinian Rioters Set Fire To Biblical Tomb

Video | Emma Colton
Rioters are calling for 'day of rage'

'Gender-Neutral' Middle Schooler Drops Out After Teachers Asks Him Not To Wear A Dress

Education | Emma Colton
Superintendent: It's the school environment that needs to change, not the boy

Porn Blasts Over Loud Speakers In Target, Terrorizing Children To Tears

US | Emma Colton
You won't believe how long it lasted

Want To Take Out A Drone? This Will Do It

Tech | Emma Colton
The military is expected to receive them in 2016

De Blasio Is Doing WHAT With Portraits Of Founding Fathers?

US | Emma Colton
49 pieces of new art were added

Uber Rush Is Here To Stay And It's More Awesome Than Ever

Business | Emma Colton
It launches today!

NY Governor Cuomo Pays State Workers To Attend Midday Event On Climate Change

US | Emma Colton
During the speech he talked about 'negligence' in government

Army To Use Sick Semi-Automatic Grenade Launchers

Tech | Emma Colton
They were tested back in 2010, and now they're even better

Escape From Alcatraz: New Evidence Suggests Runaways Survived 1962 Breakout

US | Emma Colton
They allegedly fled to Brazil

Photo Of High School Football Player Greeting Veterans Goes Viral

US | Emma Colton

Woman Sues Preteen Nephew For More Than $100,000 Because He Excitedly Hugged Her Back In 2011

US | Emma Colton
'I was at a party recently, and it was difficult to hold my hors d'oeuvre plate'

Photo Of Cop Holding Nervous Woman's Hand Gets Insane Amount Of Support From Public

US | Emma Colton
'I appreciate good officers'

Uniformed Police Officer Told To Leave Olive Garden For Carrying His Duty Firearm

US | Emma Colton
Missouri has open carry laws for private citizens

Cat Fight: Elon Musk Claims Apple Is A 'Graveyard' Of Fired Tesla Employees

Tech | Emma Colton
'If you don't make it at Tesla, you go work at Apple'

Kelsey Grammer Posts Picture Of Himself Wearing Pro-Life Shirt Addressing Abortions And Guns

Entertainment | Emma Colton
He and his wife both have one

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