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Obama offers more of the same failed education ideas

Edward Hudgins
Director of Advocacy, The Atlas Society

Sure proof of the failure of the country’s education system is the fact that Americans, the casualties of that system, could listen to President Obama’s remarks on education in his 2013 State of the Union speech and not laugh him out of the hall.

Time again to tame the postal monopoly

4:17 PM 07/19/2012

Email versus snail mail: That pretty much sums up the current crisis facing the U.S. Postal Service. But sadly, even as the USPS seeks new revenue sources, a recent Postal Regulatory Commission ruling allows it to compete unfairly with private providers, harming them in the process. Here’s the story.

Tax rates and the sordid soul of the left

1:18 PM 11/18/2010

The first great post-election policy decision facing the lame-duck, Democrat-dominated Congress is whether or not to allow taxes to skyrocket.