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      Evan Gahr

      Evan Gahr, a press critic for the late New York Post Editorial Page Editor Eric Breindel, has also written about the media for the Wall Street Journal, the American Spectator, and National Review. He has also written for the Washington Post and Philadelphia Inquirer. His reporting has been picked up by Page Six, the Reliable Source, the New York Times, and the Huffington Post.

Brian Stelter: ‘Hundreds’ Of Swastikas, Racist Attacks After Trump Win

11:07 AM 11/14/2016

In little-noticed remarks Saturday, "Reliable Sources" host Brian Stelter Saturday parroted data from the Southern Poverty Law Center, claiming that there have been "hundreds of cases of swastikas, of racist language, of harassment, of in some cases, assaults and bullying across this country" since Donald Trump was elected.

Newsflash: Some Hillary Voters Hardly Distraught Trump Won

2:07 PM 11/10/2016

Donald Trump, just like Adolph Hitler, was democratically elected. So it is, of course, only a matter of time before he does his own little Reichstag Fire to usher in total fascist rule. Instead of fretting, maybe folks should just go with the flow.

CAIR Greets Trump Election Absent Many Journos’ Hysteria?

11:14 PM 11/09/2016

CAIR, the so-called Muslim civil rights organization, offered a remarkably restrained reaction to Donald Trump’s election Wednesday, which lots of supposedly even-keeled journalists fretted would unleash a reign of terror against devotees of Muhammad.

NYU Welcoming Back Deplorable Professor

8:07 PM 11/02/2016

Following adverse publicity over New York University professor Michael Rectenwald's claim that he was “pushed out the door” for mocking political correctness under the Twitter handle "Deplorable NYU Professor," the school now insists his sudden departure on paid leave was purely voluntary.

NYU Prof Ousted For Anti-PC Twitter Campaign

8:55 PM 10/30/2016

The New York University academic whose pseudonymous Twitter account trashed campus political correctness and safe spaces was quietly placed on paid leave last week following complaints from colleagues and students about his supposed "incivility."

EXCLUSIVE: Gloria Allred Angrily Denies She Is Chasing Ambulances For Hillary

8:20 PM 10/24/2016

Hyper-kinetic lawyer Gloria Allred is lashing back at the Donald Trump campaign for calling her a “discredited political operative” shilling for Hillary Clinton by representing women accusing him of predatory sexual behavior. She also took offense that some people at The Daily Caller consider her “an ambulance chaser.”     

Here Are Al Gore Sex Assault Allegations The Media Covered Up

10:30 PM 10/16/2016

The New York Times and Washington Post have morphed into the personal Facebook pages of random women making unsubstantiated allegations against Donald Trump. So maybe they should at least finally quote a female masseuse’s statements to police about Al Gore allegedly sexually assaulting her in a Portland Hotel.

Vernon Jordan Bragged About Bill Clinton’s ‘P***y’ Talk

8:10 PM 10/09/2016

Somebody from Jupiter who landed in Washington Friday when the Donald Trump “pussy” video went viral could be forgiven for imbibing the bipartisan hysterics and concluding that the GOP nominee is the only man on Planet Earth who ever talked casually about trying to “fuck” a woman or angling to get some “pussy.”

Family Research Council Stands Behind Trump Despite Pro-Adultery Stance

8:06 PM 10/09/2016

The Family Research Council, which recently fired an employee after she complained about a top organization official telling her young women who use birth control pills are “whoring around,” is now  horrified to learn Donald Trump talks about women in similarly derogatory terms.  The Washington Post revealed on Friday that in 2005 Trump was caught on a hot mic talking about his failed bid to "fuck" a married woman and commenting on how he likes to grab women by their lady parts.