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Ed Lazear
Ed Lazear
Former Chairman, President's Council of Economic Advisers
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      Ed Lazear

      Ed Lazear, who was chairman of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers from 2006-2009, is a professor at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business and a Hoover Institution fellow. He is an economic adviser to Mitt Romney.

Election could determine future course of the economy

In the first presidential debate, President Obama said that voters should base their choice on the future, not the past. Given the economy’s poor performance over the past four years, it is no surprise that President Obama would favor that view. But what can we expect to see in the economy and especially in the labor market if the president is re-elected? And would electing Governor Romney improve the situation? Although it is impossible to know for sure what a new president would bring, it is unlikely the economy would be strong during a second Obama term.