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      Eric McErlain

      Eric McErlain blogs at Off Wing Opinion, a Forbes “Best of the Web” winner. In 2006 he wrote a “bloggers bill of rights” to help integrate bloggers into the Washington Capitals’ press box. Eric has also written for Deadspin, NBC Sports and the Sporting News, and covers sports television for The TV News.

Tigers slugger charged with hate crime after Manhattan incident

6:03 PM 04/27/2012

Back when baseball managers ruled with an iron fist, ballplayers were subject to curfews and bed-checks to keep them out of trouble while traveling on the road. But while we might live in more enlightened times today, Detroit Tigers outfielder Delmon Young is probably wishing he had subjected himself to just that sort of discipline --- discipline that might have helped him avoid an altercation that could land him in jail.

Canseco goes off deep end with tweets on Titanic and global warming

5:29 PM 04/16/2012

Staying in the public eye is a tough job for fading celebrities like Jose Canseco. With nothing new to say about steroids in baseball, Canseco has to put in extra work in order to attract headlines, and he hit something of a metaphorical home run over the weekend when he spouted off about how global warming could have saved the R.M.S. Titanic from sinking 100 years ago.

Broncos WR backtracks on Tim Tebow criticism

5:41 PM 04/13/2012

It seems like the quickest way to make headlines these days in the sports world is to say something provocative about New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow. The latest person to step up to the challenge is Tebow's former Denver Broncos teammate Demaryius Thomas. It was yesterday on a sports radio station in Atlanta that the wide receiver let fly with a number of comments about Tebow that cast more than a little doubt on his playing ability.

Ozzie Guillen desperate to apologize after praising Fidel Castro

10:29 AM 04/09/2012

When the Miami Marlins lured manager Ozzie Guillen from the Chicago White Sox last Fall, they knew they were importing a colorful personality to run their ball club. But Marlins management probably wasn't counting on Guillen being so colorful that he would alienate a substantial fraction of their fan base. Unfortunately, that's exactly what Guillen has done, placing himself and his employer in the crossfire after praising Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in an interview with Time.

Why is ESPN ignoring the damage caused by Title IX?

6:10 PM 04/03/2012

When Notre Dame faces Baylor tonight in Denver to decide the national championship in Division I women's basketball, you can be sure that ESPN will have more than hoops on the menu. If past results are any indicator of future performances, tonight's telecast will probably come with a heaping helping of Title IX advocacy --- just the sort of advocacy that won't deign to acknowledge the profound damage the use of gender quotas to enforce the law has done to men's sports.

Pat Robertson irked at Tebow trade

4:51 PM 03/23/2012

The Denver Broncos received some static from an unexpected source as a result of their decision to trade quarterback Tim Tebow to the New York Jets: Reverend Pat Robertson.