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As Illegals Flood Border, Homeland Security Converges On Random NC City FOR NO REASON

YouTube screenshots/Kydex Holster

Earlier this week, the denizens of Greenville, N.C. were alarmed because several well-armed Homeland Security cops and their small fleet of SUVs abruptly appeared outside a federal bankruptcy courthouse.

California Eighth Graders Denied Holocaust In Essays After Reading Required Bizarro Screeds

9:15 AM 07/16/2014

Back in April, a school district in Southern California required several hundred eighth-grade English class students to write essays based on bizarre propaganda about whether the Holocaust really happened or was just a "propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain."

Federal Appeals Court Rules University Of Texas Can Discriminate On Basis Of Race

8:50 AM 07/16/2014

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit held on Tuesday that the University of Texas at Austin may discriminate in favor of minority applicants based on race.

Transgender Student Thrilled After Losing 80 Percent Of Lawsuit Against Baptist College

8:45 AM 07/16/2014

A trial court in California has largely ruled in favor of California Baptist University after a transgender student, Domaine Javier, sued because the school expelled him for fraud after discovering that he had applied as a female.

Ohio University Considers MANDATORY Re-Education Classes For Smokers

8:31 AM 07/16/2014

Officials at Ohio University are considering mandatory classes for students who get caught smoking on campus as part of a draconian ban on smoking for the upcoming 2015-2016 academic year.

Christian College Expels Student Over Lesbian Marriage

8:45 AM 07/14/2014

A student at a Christian university in Oklahoma is upset because she got kicked out of school when school officials saw the pictures of her same-sex marriage she posted on Facebook.

Feminists Rage Over ‘Football 101 for Women’ Clinic At University Of Colorado

8:17 AM 07/14/2014

The University of Colorado Boulder has offered a clinic called "Football 101 for Women" since sometime when Bill Clinton was president. Some feminist alumni recently found out about it. Now, they are mad.

Eric Holder Gets Serious About Limiting Speech, Investigates Obama Outhouse Parade Float

8:06 AM 07/14/2014

The U.S. Department of Justice is investigating a float that appeared at the annual Fourth of July parade in the small town of Norfolk, Neb. because the float featured a blue flatbed truck carrying a zombie-looking mannequin in overalls on the door of an outhouse labeled "OBAMA PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY."

The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘A’

11:31 PM 07/13/2014

If you've been thinking lately that pretty much everything has been deemed racist these days, you are absolutely right. The word has been bandied about so much that it is rapidly losing any real meaning.

Hot English Teacher Victimizes Two 18-Year-Old Males By Banging Them, Giving Them Beer

7:08 PM 07/12/2014

A married, 26-year-old high school English teacher has been arrested for having sex with two 18-year-old male students and giving them some beer inside her home while her husband was out of town on business.

FOLLOW THE MONEY: Microsoft’s Plan To Cash In On Common Core

4:32 PM 07/12/2014

No great American philanthropist ever got to be a great American philanthropist without first becoming a great American business tycoon.

Judge Says ABORTION Makes Incest Okay, And Incest Is Fine Because It’s Like Homosexuality

3:25 PM 07/11/2014

A judge in Australia's most populous state has compared incest and pedophilia to homosexuality because homosexuality, now broadly accepted, used to be illegal and widely considered unnatural as recently as a few decades ago.

Middle School Teacher Twerks All Over Students, Gets Student Lap Dance, Gets Year Suspension

9:12 AM 07/10/2014

The national epidemic of teachers who twerk and give or receive lap dances has gotten another teacher suspended from her job.

Obama Administration Kills Corinthian Colleges

8:52 AM 07/10/2014

Under President Barack Obama, the Department of Education has been making corporate existence very hard for for-profit colleges.

Students In San Diego Film Once-In-A-Lifetime Ocean Spectacle [VIDEO]

8:32 AM 07/10/2014

Well, America, if you've ever wondered what millions and millions of anchovies look like darting around the ocean in a huge, black-blue glob, wonder no more.

Here’s What Angelina Jolie’s Drug Dealer Says She Looked Like When She Was Hooked On Smack [VIDEO]

11:06 PM 07/09/2014

A convicted drug dealer named Franklin Meyer claims to have filmed 16 minutes of video footage of Angelina Jolie in 1999 at her messy, dilapidated apartment after she asked him to bring her a new fix of heroin and cocaine.

Illegals Continue To Walk All Over Obama, Now With Obama-Themed Shoes [PHOTOS]

11:03 AM 07/09/2014

Some of the illegal immigrants surging across the U.S. border from Central America and creating a growing humanitarian crisis may be wearing tennis shoes emblazoned with images in praise of President Barack Obama, according to Dennis Michael Lynch at his website, DMLDaily.

Minnesota Democrat Calls Redskins Game At College Football Stadium ‘Racist’

10:51 AM 07/09/2014

Democratic House Rep. Betty McCollum has sent a sternly worded letter to the owner of the Minnesota Vikings declaring that the Washington Redskins are not welcome to play a scheduled NFL game against the Minnesota Vikings at TCF Bank Stadium, the football stadium on the campus of the University of Minnesota.

Warren Harding’s Horndogging Put Bill Clinton’s Rank Amateurism To Shame

10:37 AM 07/09/2014

Democrat Bill Clinton liked third-rate singers. He liked to expose himself in Little Rock hotel rooms. He liked cigars. He didn't mind masturbating in the Oval Office bathroom sink when it had to be done.

Nobody Asked But Illinois State U. Will Change ‘Family’ Bathrooms To ‘All-Gender’ Bathrooms

10:20 AM 07/09/2014

Officials at Illinois State University are probably sick of only being known for working where journeyman coach Doug Collins played basketball and where hilarious actors Jane Lynch and Craig Robinson went to school.