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Social media is awesome. You never know what will catch its fancy next. Will it be an unimpressed gymnast? A cat that hates everybody? White-hot hate for Michelle Obama's school lunch regulations?

North Carolina student gets DJ banned over ‘Blurred Lines’ because of ‘rape culture’

9:24 AM 04/10/2014

A hysterical and overwrought reaction by a North Carolina student to the song "Blurred Lines" has caused a permanent ban on both the song and the DJ who played it at a campus bar.

Massachusetts town votes to call Christmas vacation ‘Christmas vacation’ again

11:05 AM 04/09/2014

A huge majority of voters in a small town in the nether suburbs of Boston has approved a ballot measure exhorting public school officials to start calling Christmas vacation "Christmas Recess" instead of "Winter Recess" -- the vacant, wishy-washy current name.

Woman who can’t become a nun because of $25,000 in student loans starts crowdfunding page

9:54 AM 04/09/2014

A twenty-something would-be nun has set up a crowdfunding webpage to help her pay off the $25,000 remainder of her student loan debt so she can enter a convent in mid-August.

With logo feminist says intimidates women and empowers rape culture, UConn sweeps NCAAs

9:46 AM 04/09/2014

The men's and women's basketball teams at the University of Connecticut pulled off quite a feat this week: They both won their respective NCAA Division I basketball tournaments. This impressive deed has been accomplished just once before in history (at the University of Connecticut in 2004).

‘Approximately six’ habanero peppers cause HAZMAT scare at Denver school

8:33 AM 04/09/2014

On Monday, when Jefferson County Open School in suburban Denver was evacuated and a hazmat team showed up because of a contamination scare, The Daily Caller was worried.

Christian college slapped with Title IX claim for denying transgender female room in all-male dorm

10:52 AM 04/08/2014

A transgender student at a smallish Christian liberal arts college in small-town Oregon has filed a federal Title IX discrimination claim that would force the school give the student a dorm room in an all-male residence hall, thus violating its theological principles.

Of course the Duke hardcore porn starlet will now host a web-based porn reality show

9:56 AM 04/08/2014

Miriam Weeks, the 18-year-old Duke University freshman turned hardcore starlet who goes by the nom de porn Belle Knox, will now host a web-based reality show.

Kids, parents tweet their white-hot hate for Michelle Obama’s school lunch regs

8:19 AM 04/08/2014

Yes, President Barack Obama's signature initiative, the Affordable Care Act, may be deeply unpopular and, yes, his foreign policy could be construed as a deeply unserious muddle.

N is for Nazi: German cops say neo-Nazis are using Cookie Monster to recruit children

8:42 AM 04/07/2014

Neo-Nazi extremists in Germany are using Sesame Street's Cookie Monster as an advertising mascot to recruit children to their political cause.

AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: Muslims, Presbyterians amicably resolve Easter egg hunt crisis

1:13 AM 04/07/2014

A display of impressive common humanity and even more impressive common sense broke out over the weekend in Dearborn, Mich. after Muslim parent Majed Moughni complained about flyers handed out at public schools advertising an "Eggstravaganza!" Easter egg hunt to be held at a Presbyterian church.

Now Muslim parents are complaining about flyers for Easter egg hunts

8:30 AM 04/05/2014

UPDATE: The Arab American News has reported that only one Muslim parent complained. Also, local Muslim leaders have strongly backed Dearborn's Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church and urged all Muslim parents to bring their children to the Saturday, April 12 event. (RELATED: AMERICA THE BEAUTIFUL: Muslims, Presbyterians amicably resolve Easter egg crisis)

UPDATE: Math teacher’s classroom sex with high school students featured bad porn dialogue

8:29 AM 04/05/2014

In February, 24-year-old math teacher Meredith Powell's alleged sex romps with male students made worldwide headlines.

Sex with this teacher was so traumatic for a male teenager he plans to sue school district

8:29 AM 04/05/2014

Correspondence from a Scranton, Penn. attorney indicates that a male high school student who claims he had sex with a high school English teacher will now sue the school district for negligence.

British government, BBC probe AL-QAIDA PROMOTION at taxpayer-funded schools

11:05 AM 04/04/2014

Two staffers at a British high school have claimed that the school has been infiltrated by radical Sunni Muslim extremists who are sympathetic to al-Qaida and promote the terrorist group during assemblies.

You won’t believe what happened to this kid’s mom after she knocked Common Core

8:51 AM 04/04/2014

Officials at a California grade school have suspended the mother of a 12-year-old boy over her – and his – criticism of the Common Core Standards Initiative.

Tucson cop who randomly slammed woman to the ground not so tough after receiving threats

10:35 PM 04/03/2014

The Tucson police officer who was caught on video brutally pummeling a female student as she walked innocuously near the campus of the University of Arizona has been identified as Joel Mann, according to local ABC affiliate KGUN.

CLAIM: Gym teacher designs his own ‘sex ed’ course, tells eighth graders about his ‘first boner’

3:54 PM 04/03/2014

A Northern California gym teacher is facing the wrath of angry parents after, they claim, he took it upon himself to teach his eighth-grade charges his very own version of the birds and the bees without parental permission.

Richard Nixon’s alma mater now leads the nation in free condom dispensers

9:03 AM 04/03/2014

The formerly Quaker liberal arts college from which former president Richard M. Nixon graduated in 1934 now boasts the largest number of condom dispensers on any single American campus.

Cop who shot Hofstra student in the head and killed her walks free

10:16 PM 04/02/2014

The cop who can't shoot straight who killed an innocent Hofstra University student while a wanted felon was holding her at gunpoint has been completely cleared of wrongdoing.