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Eric Owens
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Teacher CRUELLY SEGREGATES First Graders To Show Cruelty Of Segregation

8:37 AM 01/25/2016

A first-grade teacher at a public charter school in Central Florida segregated kids by eye color and then purposefully treated some of them cruelly in order to teach them a "tough lesson" about segregation and racism. The kids responded by crying because of the nastiness of the taxpayer-funded teacher.

Trump Has Never Voted In A Republican Primary

8:45 AM 01/22/2016

A search of the New York state voter rolls shows that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has never cast a vote in a Republican presidential primary election in the state in which he has long been a resident.

Gay Rights Group Lauds Obama Administration For Making Its Anti-Christian Witch Hunts Easier

9:00 AM 01/21/2016

The Human Rights Campaign --- America's largest gay and transgender civil rights group --- is celebrating this week's decision by the U.S. Department of Education to create a searchable database targeting faith-based colleges and universities that have sought exemptions from federal gay and transgender rights regulations because the regulations violate their religious beliefs.