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Wisconsin state senator breaks from Democratic caucus

Eshe Nelson
Sen. Cullen joined the Solidarity Singers in the Capitol rotunda on July 6, 2011. (Jackie Johnson / Facebook)

Barely settled into their new offices, the Democratic control of the Wisconsin State Senate is already under threat.

Report: HSBC exposed US financial system to dirty money

6:55 PM 07/17/2012

A U.S. Senate investigation into HSBC’s "pervasively polluted" culture reveals that the British multinational banking company exposed the U.S. financial system to money laundering from drug traffickers and terrorists.

Survey: Anti-Obama ads more believable than anti-Romney ads

2:25 PM 07/12/2012

A new online poll shows that not all attack ads are created equal: Anti-Obama ads hold a 17-point "believability" edge over anti-Romney ads. Forty-one percent of the poll’s respondents said negative ads they had seen about the president were "very believable," compared with the 24 percent who thought anti-Romney attack ads were "very believable."

Report: Unions spend four times more than previous estimated on politics

3:24 PM 07/11/2012

The political power of unions may not be diminishing as quickly as their crushing defeat in Wisconsin might suggest.

AFL-CIO scales back Democratic convention involvement

4:45 PM 07/10/2012

The AFL-CIO, America's largest union federation, will be scaling back its presence at this year's Democratic National Convention.

Color of Change: NRA should fire Ted Nugent for suggesting wrong side won Civil War

6:16 PM 07/09/2012

Headline-grabbing musician and political activist Ted Nugent is once again causing a stir. In a July 5 column for The Washington Times, Nugent wrote that the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold President Barack Obama's health care reform law was a sign that America would have faired better "had the South won the Civil War."

Apple pays off Chinese company for ‘iPad’ name

5:58 PM 07/05/2012

Apple has shelled out $60 million to end a long-standing dispute with a Chinese company over the ownership of the iPad name.

Bill Clinton’s words worth millions

12:18 PM 07/05/2012

Former President Bill Clinton has been collecting a not-so-small fortune giving speeches since he left office.

House questions Labor Department support of pesky activist group

10:58 PM 07/03/2012

The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is inquiring into the Department of Labor's support for the Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC), a non-profit with a reputation for harassing diners at New York City eateries, the New York Post reported.

Mexico returns to rule under the old guard

2:50 PM 07/02/2012

After a brief hiatus, Mexicans seeking relief from drug war violence have opted for the Institutional Revolutionary Party, despite its history of coercion and corruption.

China granted six-month exemption from US sanctions

1:49 PM 06/29/2012

On Thursday the Obama administration announced that China, Iran's biggest oil customer, would receive an exemption from U.S. economic sanctions for reducing its imports of Iranian oil.

Justin Bieber assualt case handed over to prosecutors

4:39 PM 06/20/2012

Justin Bieber was all smiles Wednesday at a signing for his new album in New York, seemingly unfazed by the prospect of spending six months in jail for assaulting a photographer.

X-rated novel ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ becomes fastest selling paperback ever

1:33 PM 06/19/2012

Fictional characters Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele may never become household names in the same vein as Harry, Ron and Hermione; but this is unlikely to bother "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E.L. James.

Union woes ‘related to their own management issues,’ not labor laws

11:34 PM 06/18/2012

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's recall election victory was as much as a defeat for labor unions as it was for his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett. Since then, the signs that unions are in trouble have been mounting rapidly.

South Carolina pension officials succumb to Wall Street greed

11:36 PM 06/12/2012

South Carolina’s pension fund is running a deficit of $14.4 billion, and critics say that like so many other states across the country, South Carolina pension officials were blinded by the sparkle of Wall Street into making risky investments with taxpayer money.

Nebraska senator introduces legislation to ban EPA surveillance

5:49 PM 06/12/2012

Nebraska Republican Sen. Mike Johanns introduced an amendment to the farm bill on Tuesday that would ban the Environmental Protection Agency’s use of aerial surveillance.

Liljenquist debates cardboard cut-out of Sen. Hatch

12:09 AM 06/09/2012

On Thursday, Utah Senate candidate Dan Liljenquist found himself debating a cardboard cut-out of Sen. Orrin Hatch.

Philly mayor mulls Bloomberg’s soda ban after opening Shake Shack

10:50 AM 06/08/2012

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter seems conflicted about soda.

EPA justifies spying on farmers, claims there are no drones

1:36 PM 06/07/2012

The recent controversy over the Environmental Protection Agency’s aerial surveillance of cattle farmers in Iowa and Nebraska has led to suggestions that they are using drones to spy on cattle ranches.