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The top nine hardiest perennial safety schools

Safety schools are colleges and universities that prospective students feel reasonably confident about getting into but only kind of, sort of want to attend. They play an important yet underrated role in the giant, frustrating matrix that is the college selection process.

The top nine colleges that will terrify overprotective parents [SLIDESHOW]

3:15 AM 09/01/2013

The transition from home to college is a challenging time for any parent. For overprotective parents, it's fraught with downright fear.

10 reasons yacht islands are super awesome [SLIDESHOW]

9:10 PM 07/20/2013

What's better than a tricked-out, luxury yacht? A yacht island, of course.

10 outrageous resorts to add to your vacation wishlist [SLIDESHOW]

9:16 PM 07/18/2013

It's that time of year when you start daydreaming about sun-kissed beaches, frosty beverages, crystal-clear pools and uninterrupted relaxation. To fuel your fantasies, here are 10 incredible resorts, featuring private islands, mountain retreats and untamed opulence that would impress even the most discerning tourist.

Look out! Six-year-old crime on the rise in Pittsburgh

5:45 PM 07/16/2013

In unrelated incidents, a six-year-old pulled a knife on another student and a six-year-old attacked a police officer, biting and attempting to grab the officer's gun from its holster.

Australian shopkeepers mistake 19-foot python for burglar

5:14 PM 07/10/2013

After discovering a hole smashed through the ceiling, broken dishes, disheveled merchandise and a puddle of wet, vomit-like goo, shopkeepers reported a bizarre suspected break-in to authorities in Queensland, Australia.

Anti-terror activist: Security of the Benghazi embassy was ‘farmed out to an al-Qaida front group’ [VIDEO]

10:37 PM 07/08/2013

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, anti-terror activist and founder of Act! for America Brigitte Gabriel calls out the Obama administration for its "shameful" actions in Benghazi and inability to take responsibility.

10 people nailing that whole patriotism thing [SLIDESHOW]

9:56 PM 07/03/2013

These people love America and they want you to know it. In fact, they love America so much that they're decked out in face paint, tattoos, colonial dress, body suits, tracksuits and, of course, a whole lot of red, white and blue.

Bolivians totally angry Europe grounded their president

6:10 PM 07/03/2013

Bolivians are outraged after airport authorities landed Bolivian President Evo Morales for almost 14 hours in Austria Tuesday,  due to suspicions that National Security Agency whistle-blower Edward Snowden stowed away on the presidential plane.

Baby, you’re a firework: Katy Perry’s 10 hottest moments [SLIDESHOW]

12:42 AM 07/03/2013

Looking for fireworks this Fourth of July?

Watch Yarnell fire rage through Arizona [VIDEO]

4:15 PM 07/01/2013

Dramatic video captured the Yarnell, Ariz., wildfire, which took the lives of 19 firefighters and continues to devastate homes and the dry, baked hills.

Here’s how to get custom style recommendations without visiting a mall

1:46 AM 07/01/2013

The labyrinth of aisles, screaming children, stale odor of old fast food and unending rows of chain stores are enough to strike fear into the heart of the average American man.

Facebook ‘bug’ leaks 6 million users’ information

10:07 PM 06/26/2013

Last Friday Facebook revealed that a "bug" leaked personal information, including email addresses and phone numbers, of six million users. The security breach sparked a discussion in the Internet community about what information Facebook has collected and what information it can collect.

8 tips for parking your helicopter in New York City [SLIDESHOW]

10:57 AM 06/26/2013
Flying into the Big Apple on your chopper can be tricky

10 cats that were probably tapped by the NSA [SLIDESHOW]

10:57 AM 06/24/2013

Do you have a bone to pick with the National Security Agency? Like Edward Snowden, so do these cats -- and they're not afraid to bring out the claws.

10 things you should never put on your face [SLIDESHOW]

12:48 AM 06/21/2013

All the hype surrounding the pros and cons of Google Glass has raised a truly important question, for vanity's sake: how ridiculous will it look on your face?

Watch Florida teen ride 50,000 pound shark [VIDEO]

2:17 PM 06/17/2013

While most people see a giant shark and swim away as fast as they can, 19-year-old Chris Kreis hopped in the water with the 50,000 pound whale shark he and his friend saw swimming next to their boat.

Majority of Americans support NSA phone surveillance

3:39 PM 06/11/2013

Fifty-six percent of Americans support the National Security Agency's phone monitoring, while only 41 percent deem the agency's actions unacceptable, according to a national survey conducted by the Pew Research Center and The Washington Post.

10 strange hobbies people actually spend time doing [SLIDESHOW]

1:05 AM 06/11/2013

While many of us enjoy tossing a Frisbee, paintballing, drawing, dancing or gardening, some people simply have too much free time on their hands.