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Report: Kim Jong Un ‘very drunk’ when he ordered executions

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un (C) visits the Masik-Ryong Ski Resort, which is near completion, near Wonsan in this undated photo released by North Korea's Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) in Pyongyang December 15, 2013. REUTERS/KCNA

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un was reportedly “very drunk” when he ordered the recent execution of two aides close to his uncle Jang Song-thaek.

Filner leaves therapy earlier than announced amid growing calls to resign

10:08 AM 08/10/2013

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner -- facing growing pressure to resign amid sexual-harassment allegations –-- has left intensive therapy earlier than announced, his attorneys said Friday.

FBI rescues more than 100 children, arrests 150 pimps in sex-trafficking raid

1:29 PM 07/29/2013

The FBI launched a 72-hour nationwide operation targeting pimps who prey on children -- an undercover mission that rescued 105 teens ranging mostly in age from 13 to 17 years old, with the youngest victim being 9 years old, authorities said Monday.

Snowden looks to Venezuela as Russian asylum bid fizzles

5:00 PM 07/02/2013

NSA leaker Edward Snowden was frantically trying to find a country that would grant him asylum Tuesday, sending out a slew of requests to nearly 20 additional nations as a short-lived bid to take refuge in Russia appeared to fizzle.

Terror leader pays thousands for prostitutes in DC

1:35 PM 07/02/2013

On the eve of an infamous presentation Anwar al-Awlaki gave at the Pentagon in 2002, the al-Qaida operative was busy preparing -- with a prostitute he paid $400 for at a Washington hotel.

Taliban’s No. 2 in Pakistan reportedly killed in American drone strike

11:52 AM 05/29/2013

A suspected U.S. drone strike Wednesday killed the No. 2 commander of the Pakistani Taliban, Pakistani intelligence officials said, although the militant group denied he was killed.

Dashboard cams capture Russian meteor [VIDEO]

7:56 AM 02/19/2013

How to change a tire without stopping [VIDEO]

6:22 AM 02/19/2013

Obama will visit Israel for the first time as president

3:29 PM 02/05/2013

President Obama will visit Israel, the West Bank and Jordan in the spring, the White House said Tuesday, marking his first visit since becoming president.

Nebraska governor approves revised Keystone pipeline route

1:52 PM 01/22/2013

Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman notified the Obama administration Tuesday that he has approved the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline to traverse his state, marking a significant step toward reviving the project after President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sidelined it.

British engineering student builds realistic, functioning guns out of LEGOs

6:42 AM 01/18/2013

This kid’s a real chip off the old Glock.

Georgia mom shoots intruder five times, saves children

3:58 PM 01/06/2013

LOGANVILLE, Ga. — A Georgia mother hid her two 9-year-old twins and shot an intruder, Paul Ali Slater, several times during a home invasion on Friday, according to multiple media reports.

Report: Jon Hammar to be released from Mexican prison today

10:34 AM 12/21/2012

DEVELOPING: Jon Hammar, the U.S. Marine imprisoned in Mexico on a gun charge, will be released today, his mother told Fox News Radio.

Lawsuit: student claims Fresno State punished him because of his political views

4:57 AM 12/12/2012

A student at Fresno State University is suing his professors for allegedly putting him on disciplinary probation because of his politics, and he has video that he says proves his case.

Attorney General Holder to stay into second term ‘about a year,’ source says

1:31 PM 11/20/2012

Attorney General Eric Holder will honor President Obama’s request to stay into the second term and but will remain on the job only “for about a year,” Fox News confirmed Monday.

Jill Kelley requested ‘diplomatic protection’ in 911 call

6:07 PM 11/13/2012

TAMPA (FOX 13) - The South Tampa woman connected to the Gen. David Petraeus scandal has called police to her home several times in the last few days, and at least once tried to invoke "diplomatic protection."

High school hockey teams told to dump national anthem

5:04 PM 11/12/2012

Nearly 200 high school hockey teams in Pennsylvania have been advised to eliminate the national anthem because it takes too much time to perform and costs too much money.

Lindsay Lohan switches horses, endorses Mitt Romney for president

9:00 AM 10/12/2012

LOS ANGELES –  Four years ago, Lindsay Lohan referred to Obama's Presidential victory as "amazing," but cut to 2012, and it seems the "Mean Girls" star has had a serious change of heart.

RNC chairman announces five additional Republican convention headliners

11:15 PM 08/07/2012

RNC Chairman Announces Five Additional Republican Convention Headliners