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Walmart blasts The Nation’s living wage hypocrisy

4:42 PM 08/08/2013

Back in July, the Washington DC city council passed a law mandating a living-wage of $12.5o an hour, effectively halting Walmart's proposal of multiple new stores in the District. The Nation magazine joined the push for Walmart to pay its employees a living wage, penning an open letter to the company that cites a report claiming the company pays the average associate $8.81 an hour.

Don Lemon: ‘I’m gonna get the Uncle Tom award’

4:26 PM 07/29/2013

In the latest development in a week-long controversy that began with Bill O'Reilly's commentary about race, CNN host Don Lemon responded to his harsh critics on Sunday, saying that according to his haters, he's "gonna get the Uncle Tom award."