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George Allen
Former US Senator
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      George Allen

      George Allen is a former governor and U.S. senator from Virginia. He serves as Reagan Ranch Presidential Scholar for the Young America’s Foundation.

Charity should be the American way

12:45 AM 02/06/2013

"Wouldn’t it be better for the human spirit and for the soul of this nation to encourage people to accept more responsibility to care for one another, rather than leaving those tasks to paid bureaucrats?"

Taxing America out of competition

8:55 AM 04/06/2012

It takes a sense of optimism and courage to take the risk to start, expand or operate a business --- whether it is a local store, a restaurant, a professional services office or a Fortune 500 company. That optimism and courage is an integral part of the American Dream --- where we look at the future with a sense of confidence and belief that we are only limited by our imagination, ingenuity and hard work.

It’s time for real ‘energy action’

9:13 AM 10/27/2011

Two months ago, President Obama announced his latest stimulus proposal, which is a continuation of the same failed policies we’ve seen over the last three years --- higher taxes to fund more costly government spending programs.

Flat tax option: the freedom to choose

9:31 AM 04/18/2011

For most Americans, April marks the time when they have their most direct interaction with their government — and it is an experience most of us dread. April is tax time, and each April Americans are confronted with the complicated, stressful mess that Washington calls the Internal Revenue Code.

Turning America in the right direction

10:19 AM 10/19/2010

There’s no doubt the main catalyst for the Tea Party movement and the motivation of other independent voters today is the out-of-control spending, bailouts, trillions in debt, and the unprecedented aggressive expansion of government into our lives, businesses, health care, and earnings, by the Obama administration, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and their allies.  The debt in the trillions dwarfs all other deficits in our nation’s history many times over, and, if it is not reversed, it will be the ruin of our country. To preserve the American Dream, millions of freedom-loving Americans are going to stand up on Election Day and demand change.

A tale of two Koreas: The power of freedom

12:00 AM 06/30/2010

As we mark the 60th anniversary of the beginning of the Korean War, the Korean Peninsula provides the world a living, object lesson. On this peninsula, approximately the size of Minnesota, the Korean people are ethnically identical. But, upon gaining independence after World War II, the Korean people took separate paths to self-government. The North led by Soviet occupying forces, the South by U.S-Allied forces. The armistice in 1953 that ended the Korean War split the war-ravaged Korean people with a totalitarian regime in the North and a society based on freedom of expression, religion and private property rights in the South. Both new countries were considered relatively “poor” though North Korea had much more heavy industry and resources compared to the mountainous, rural southern part.

U.S. Senate votes for American unilateral economic disarmament

12:01 AM 06/16/2010

With a narrow 53-47 majority, the U.S. Senate appallingly voted for American economic unilateral disarmament. They voted against American jobs and coal-related jobs, manufacturers and business, our competitiveness, and affordable electricity and for ceding legislative responsibility to unelected judges and bureaucrats.

Drilling for truth and action in Obama’s latest proposal

2:04 PM 04/01/2010

Yesterday, President Obama proposed plans to open offshore drilling and exploration along the southern Atlantic coast, a portion of the eastern Gulf of Mexico and some of the coast of Alaska. This is a welcome step forward by the previously reluctant administration. Remember that President Bush lifted the ban on drilling offshore in June 2008 and the Congress followed by passing legislation in October 2008 when the cost of gasoline hit $4 per gallon. Having advocated for seven years for the federal government to allow Virginia to safely explore for oil and gas off our coast, it is good to see the president following the law.