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      Gary Aldrich

      Gary Aldrich is the president of Liberty Central. He is also the president of The Patrick Henry Center for Individual Liberty.

Lessons from Socrates

The United States can learn important budgetary lessons from Socrates. No, I don’t mean the ancient Greek philosopher. I’m talking about Portugal’s former socialist prime minister, Jose Socrates.

The Tea Party’s principled stand

2:42 PM 03/17/2011

After the midterm elections last fall, speculation mounted about the actual effect the newly elected Tea Party candidates would have in Washington. Would they remain loyal to the principles of fiscal discipline they preached on the campaign trail or would the election be a hollow victory lacking in substantive change? We received the first clue to the answer to that question this week when many of the Tea Party favorites expressed their opposition to voting for the continuing resolution.

A plan to restore fiscal sanity

1:02 PM 03/07/2011

Bureaucracy is the air that gives life to Big Government. In its absence, Big Government cannot survive to coerce people to purchase a specific kind of light bulb or tell them what kind of car to buy. The Big Government trend in America poses significant threats to our fiscal solvency and the preservation of liberty. As our country moves closer to bankruptcy, the only chance we have at balancing our budget is to make substantial cuts to the ever-expanding bureaucracy.

The Tea Party’s hatchet vs. Obama’s scalpel

12:29 PM 02/17/2011

Change we can believe in has finally arrived in our nation’s capital. Last fall, the American people voted in mass to elect candidates that advocate the core principles of the Tea Party: fiscal responsibility, free markets, and limited government. In repayment for their support in November, the newly elected Tea Party candidates scored a major victory over the GOP establishment by pushing through their plan to cut $100 billion from the continuing resolution.

Why Jamie Radtke’s Senate candidacy is significant

3:14 PM 01/14/2011

The Tea Party movement has led thousands of Americans to a new level of involvement in political activism. In 2010, Americans elected newly-minted Tea Party activists as mayors, legislators, representatives and senators. As the movement matures and realizes what it can accomplish, we will likely see more Tea Party activists run -- and win -- in 2012.