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Colorado poised to ban red-light cameras

(Flickr / Creative Commons / wfyurasko)

The Colorado state legislature is considering doing away with a major source of revenue for many cities and towns -- and a major headache for motorists -- by banning red-light and photo-radar cameras.

Colorado lawmakers consider crackdown on pot edibles

12:42 PM 04/18/2014

The Colorado state legislature is hoping to crack down on marijuana-infused food items that could too easily be confused for innocuous, non-psychedelic snacks, especially by kids.

Poll: Sen. Mark Udall has slight edge on Rep. Cory Gardner

4:36 PM 04/17/2014

Incumbent Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall has a slim lead over his challenger, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner, according to a new poll from American Crossroads.

Bloomberg kicks off new gun-control efforts

2:32 PM 04/17/2014

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is back in Colorado, at least in spirit, to push for stricter gun laws.

Colorado ethics panel caught with unethical records policy

10:52 PM 04/16/2014

A Colorado ethics commission charges five times what is allowed by law for copies of records obtained under the state open records act.

Strict Obama administration ivory ban infuriates musicians

6:26 PM 04/16/2014

Professional musicians are in an uproar over an Obama administration order that virtually bans the movement of ivory over the U.S. border, including that which is found in many musical instruments.

Colorado’s cool new thing: ‘bud and breakfast’ hotels

7:20 PM 04/15/2014

A handful of Colorado lodges and hotels are embracing the state’s new reputation as a destination for out-of-state marijuana smokers, offering everything from look-the-other way policies about smoking in hotel rooms to full-blown all-inclusive cannabis experiences.

Ethics complaints against Colorado governor dismissed

6:23 PM 04/15/2014

A Colorado ethics commission dismissed a complaint against Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper, who was accused by a conservative group of improperly allowing the Democratic Governors Association to pay for some of the costs associated with his appearance at an event in Aspen last year.

Colorado GOP a step closer to challenging Hickenlooper

8:55 PM 04/14/2014

Colorado Republicans are one step closer to finding the candidate who will take on Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper in November.

Colorado Democrats deeply divided over energy issues

7:07 PM 04/14/2014

Democrats in Colorado are deeply split over energy issues, particularly how to regulate the drilling practice known as hydraulic fracturing.

Denver girds for epic 4/20 celebration

12:35 PM 04/11/2014

Denver's city council finally approved the annual 4/20 celebration of all things marijuana, issuing a permit to festival organizers after they agreed to discourage public consumption of the drug and post signs reminding attendees that lighting up in public is illegal.

Colorado Dems hope to fix voter fraud loophole they introduced last year

9:52 PM 04/10/2014

Colorado’s Democratic-dominated state legislature is hoping to fix a glaring loophole in last year's election reform law that allows voters to move to -- and vote in -- new districts as late as Election Day as long as they promise to stay.

Colorado pot sales continue to climb in second month

6:01 PM 04/10/2014

Colorado's recreational marijuana sales were up slightly in February, bringing in $4.1 million in overall taxes and fees, a bump over January's $3.5 million total.

Dems demand action on Keystone pipeline, Udall mum

1:32 PM 04/10/2014

Colorado Sen. Mark Udall is conspicuously absent from a letter signed by 11 other Democrats -- five of whom are facing tough reelection challenges -- demanding that President Obama make a decision on the Keystone XL pipeline by the end of May.

New questions raised in Hickenlooper ethics probe

7:09 PM 04/08/2014

An independent investigator hired for an ethics probe into Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper has questioned his truthfulness.

Swing state Democrat raises $2 million in re-election bid in Q1

6:53 PM 04/08/2014

Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall raised more than $2 million during the first quarter of the year, his biggest haul to date.

Private money quietly funding Colorado’s marijuana boom

3:00 PM 04/07/2014

The vacuum in banking services for Colorado’s nascent marijuana industry is being filled by private lenders, according to the Denver Post -- and the terms of some loans have pot entrepreneurs paying through the nose.

Colorado bill would expose pot users to child abuse charges

12:55 PM 04/07/2014

Parents are worried they will be charged with child abuse simply for keeping marijuana in their homes under a Colorado bill that seeks to define a "drug endangered child."

Colorado Rockies won’t play ball with hotdog vendors

8:50 PM 04/04/2014

Colorado Rockies fans won’t be able to grab a cheap hot dog from sidewalk vendors outside Coors Field as they have in years past -- but they will be able to pay premium prices for drinks and snacks at the ballpark’s new $10 million rooftop deck.