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Poll: Anti-Fracking Measures Would Pass In Colorado

MCKITTRICK, CA - MARCH 23:  Pump jacks and wells are seen in an oil field on the Monterey Shale formation where gas and oil extraction using hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is on the verge of a boom on March 23, 2014 near McKittrick, California.(Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

Two Colorado ballot measures that would put the screws to the state's oil and gas industry seem poised for easy passage if backers can gather enough signatures, according to a poll recently released to the Denver Post.

Colorado Obamacare Exchange Doesn’t Know Who Is Enrolled

1:18 PM 07/14/2014

Connect For Health Colorado, the state-run health care exchange set up under Obamacare, will spend some $4 million in the coming year to convince Latinos to enroll through the program, even though exchange managers have no idea whether Latinos are underrepresented among their existing customers.

More Colorado Counties Ignoring State’s Ban On Gay Marriage

3:06 PM 07/11/2014

A court ruling allowing Boulder County to issue same-sex marriage licenses in defiance of Colorado's ban rippled across the state Friday.

Cory Gardner Hauls In $2.7 Million In Second-Quarter Fundraising

12:19 PM 07/11/2014

Colorado Republican Rep. Cory Gardner raised $2.7 million in his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Mark Udall in the second quarter, nearly double the amount he raised in the previous quarter.

Judge: Colorado’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban ‘Hanging By A Thread’

3:21 PM 07/10/2014

Colorado’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage took a one-two punch this week, after a district court judge found it to be unconstitutional and another allowed the Boulder County Clerk to continue issuing marriage licenses to gay couples.

Report: Coloradans Smoking Pot By The Tons

3:11 PM 07/10/2014

Coloradans are smoking marijuana by the ton -- an estimated 121 metric tons annually, to be more specific, a much higher demand than previously thought.

‘Hold Your Horses, Mr. President’

5:15 PM 07/09/2014

President Obama hasn't spent much time in Denver since he campaigned here for a second term in 2012 -- and since voters here legalized marijuana -- so when he returned for a fundraising event this week, it came as little surprise that the president had some strange encounters.

Obama Stiffed By Top Colorado Dems At Campaign Event

4:23 PM 07/09/2014

Colorado Democrats running in competitive races were conspicuously absent Wednesday as President Obama visited Denver to campaign for incumbent Sen. Mark Udall, -- who apparently considered a photo-op next to the president to be radioactive enough that he wasn't even in the same state.

Report: More Than Expected Will Drop Out Of Colorado’s Obamacare Program

1:16 AM 07/09/2014

Nearly twice as many people are expected to drop out of Colorado’s state-run health care exchange in the coming years than originally projected, leading to nearly $2 million lost in associated fees for the financially embattled program over the next two years.

Lobbyist: Hickenlooper Shouldn’t ‘Appease Terrorist Polis’ In Fracking Fight

7:33 PM 07/08/2014

A lobbyist with the Colorado Association of Home Builders resigned last week when the organization voted to support Gov. John Hickenlooper’s request for a special session of the legislature to add regulations to the oil and gas industry.

After Blowing Him Off In January, Udall Welcomes Obama To The Campaign Trail

1:15 PM 07/07/2014

President Obama, with a 46 percent approval rating, will visit Denver this week in an attempt to energize Democratic voters to turn out -- and open their wallets -- for Colorado Sen. Mark Udall.

Colorado Leaders Try To Halt Gay Marriage Litigation

3:19 PM 07/03/2014

The same-sex marriage issue is moving through some quick paces in Colorado since the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that Utah’s ban on such unions is unconstitutional.

God And Guns Welcome At Open-Carry Colorado Restaurant

1:33 PM 07/02/2014

Bucking the proliferation of gun-free zones everywhere from movie theaters to Chipotle restaurants, the owners of a restaurant in Rifle, Colo., are openly welcoming the gun-carrying public.

Report: Colorado’s $58 Million Computer Upgrade To Be An ‘Epic Failure’

3:36 PM 07/01/2014

A $58 million overhaul to Colorado’s computer accounting system, performed by the same company blamed for the meltdown of, is poised to be an "epic failure," according to an anonymous whistle-blower who spoke to Denver's Fox 31.

Showdown Over Same-Sex Marriage Licenses Continues In Colorado

1:31 PM 07/01/2014

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers demanded that the Boulder County Clerk stop issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples by noon on Tuesday, but the clerk has asked for more time to respond to the request.

Rocky Mountain High: After 6 Months, Crime Down, Tax Revenue Up In Colorado

8:41 PM 06/30/2014

Six months after Colorado became the first state to sanction the legal sale of recreational marijuana, it is nearly $11 million richer in retail sales taxes.

Former Colorado Obamacare Director Pleads Guilty To Stealing Public Funds

1:06 PM 06/30/2014

A former director of Colorado's state-run health-care exchange pleaded guilty last week to defrauding taxpayers while she was running a nonprofit housing agency in Montana.

Colorado Pot Shops Pass The ‘No-Kids’ Test With Flying Colors

3:53 PM 06/27/2014

If younger Coloradans are getting their hands on marijuana since the state allowed it to be sold to adults on Jan. 1, they’re apparently not getting it from state-licensed retail stores.

Colorado Gun Laws Upheld As Constitutional

2:23 PM 06/27/2014

A federal judge upheld Colorado’s controversial new gun control laws Thursday, ruling that limits to the size of ammunition magazines and requirements for universal background checks are not unconstitutional.