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Local reporter takes Obama to the woodshed on constitutionality of 'kill list'

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Reporter: Obama 'killing US citizens without due process,' 'leaking' constitutional abuses 'when it's politically expedient'

No hablo espanol - Julian Castro 'doesn't really speak Spanish'

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Man touted as Democratic answer to Marco Rubio hired a tutor in 2009 to teach him Spanish

Julian Castro's 'progress' agenda for San Antonio: Reduce car use, triple bus ridership, double 'green jobs,' grow arts funding

Elections | Geoffrey Malloy
Plan funded by record $596 million bond issue, gives city council authority to raise sales taxes

Bernanke: QE3 possible, cost-benefit approach to be taken

Business | Geoffrey Malloy
Fed chairman defends central bank's response to financial crisis in annual speech

University of Colorado prediction model points to big Romney win

Elections | Geoffrey Malloy
Political science professors' computer has correctly predicted every presidential election since 1980

Tootsie Roll keeps secretive profile, keeps analysts guessing

Business | Geoffrey Malloy
Candy maker grows more mysterious as 92-year-old CEO Melvin Gordon grows older

Romney's Bain saved site of Obamas' first kiss

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Bain Capital purchased, turned around parent company of Baskin-Robbins, where Barack and Michelle first smooched

Co-chair of Obama's 2008 campaign to speak at RNC

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis will speak about his disillusionment with Obama

Jamie Dimon on banking: 'It's a free. F**king. Country'

Business | Geoffrey Malloy
'I am not responsible for the financial crisis. I hate to tell you. We were a port of safety in the storm'

Deli owner wants eatery removed from Obama campaign ad

Elections | Geoffrey Malloy
Debra Krause-McDonell says she never gave the campaign permission to feature her deli

Anti-Romney DNC bus blocks food truck's parking spot

Elections | Geoffrey Malloy
'We're not conducting interviews with y'all,' DNC spokesman says in declining to talk about the operation

Pelosi: Republicans 'the E. coli club'

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
House minority leader criticizes Republicans for supporting cuts in domestic spending

Gold medalist's parents hid grandparents' death and mother's cancer

Sports | Geoffrey Malloy
Chinese diver Wu Minxia's parents told her that her grandparents had died and her mother had breast cancer after she won a gold medal in the synchronized dive.

Colorado man arrested for bringing gun to theater

US | Geoffrey Malloy
James Mapes arrested for carrying firearm in open-carry state

Ron Paul supporters photobomb Mitt Romney's visit to Poland

Politics | Geoffrey Malloy
Romney aides struggle in vain to block large Ron Paul banner with umbrellas

Boehner to Romney: Portman should be your running mate

Elections | Geoffrey Malloy
House speaker thinks Ohio senator would be 'a great assest' on GOP ticket

Hacker stole nude photos of Carly Rae Jepsen

Entertainment | Geoffrey Malloy
Vancouver police are searching for a hacker that took naked photos 'Call Me Maybe' singer

Madonna defends swastika use

Entertainment | Geoffrey Malloy
Madonna concert displays image of French political leader with swastika superimposed on face.

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