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Who are the REAL extremists: The tea party or Obama and the New Democrats? [VIDEO]

President Barack Obama talks about the importance of growing the U.S. economy while at the Port of New Orleans in Louisiana, Nov. 8, 2013. (REUTERS/Larry Downing)

Trevor Loudon, an author and blogger from New Zealand who has spoken to over 200 tea party groups in 30 states, decried the "normalcy bias" that blinds Americans from seeing a future America without liberty, the Constitution and military strength in an interview with The Daily Caller.

‘ABSOLUTE INSANITY’: Practicing physician slams Obamacare’s damaging effects on doctor-patient relationships [VIDEO]

9:21 PM 11/03/2013

Practicing physicians like orthopedic surgeon Dr. Robert Nirschl, who have watched politicians and health policy for decades, are experiencing first-hand the effects of Obamacare -- something Nirschl calls "absolutely insanity."

Why is a foreigner rooting for American exceptionalism? [VIDEO]

8:53 PM 10/27/2013

Can you make the case for America's exceptionalism?

Mark Leibovich dismantles the Washington ‘machine’ in ‘This Town’ [VIDEO]

9:12 PM 10/20/2013

Some Washington elites are crying foul about a searing critique of Washington's ruling class written by a member of "the club."

Charles Murray describes the backlash from the left after his books on white America [VIDEO]

9:55 PM 10/13/2013

Charles Murray, an analytic social scientist and scholar, has been offering up uncomfortable facts and examining the cultural changes underway in America over the last 30 years through his blockbuster books, "Losing Ground" and "Bell Curve."

Issa: ‘There’s a reason to fear’ Obama agencies [VIDEO]

9:49 PM 10/06/2013

Republican California Rep. Darrell Issa, the GOP's top government watchdog, warns that we have entered a time to "love my country, fear my government."

Emily Miller: Obama ‘the most rabidly anti-gun president in history’ [VIDEO]

11:02 PM 09/29/2013

Just as Secretary of State John Kerry signed the controversial U.N. Arms Trade Treaty last week, setting up yet another legislative battle over guns, we interviewed one of the leading women on the issue of gun rights in America.

Richard Viguerie: ‘We need a lot more Ted Cruzes’ [VIDEO]

1:25 AM 09/23/2013

Paul Kengor calls out mainstream journalists as dupes [VIDEO]

8:42 PM 09/15/2013

In an interview with The Daily Caller, author and academic Paul Kengor said establishment media reporters are "dupes" who spout Obama administration propaganda.

Rep. Frank Wolf: 20 things we know a year after Benghazi attack

10:45 PM 09/08/2013

Nearly one year after the Benghazi terror attack, questions remain unanswered and the investigation incomplete, says Virginia Republican Rep. Frank Wolf.

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: John Guandolo, Operation Restored Warrior

11:12 PM 09/01/2013

John Guandolo, with Operation Restored Warrior (ORW), hit a personal wall of his own in 2006 after serving his country at senior levels of the FBI and as a Marine.

Losing faith in America [VIDEO]

9:38 PM 08/25/2013

As 32 percent of American adults under 30 claim no religious affiliation, government dependency is increasing.

J. Christian Adams: DOJ using the law as ‘a way to punish your opponents’ [VIDEO]

8:45 PM 08/18/2013

Head of National Black Chamber of Commerce on Obama’s priorities: ‘This is not America’

8:40 PM 08/11/2013

Committed to successful black entrepreneurship, Harry C. Alford, Jr. has been president of the National Black Chamber of Commerce since 1993.

Judicial Watch head: Obama likes to play ‘catch me if you can’

9:23 PM 08/04/2013

Former Louisiana Democrat: Democratic Party moving too far left [VIDEO]

10:29 PM 07/30/2013

Louisiana state Sen. Elbert Guillory is a "newly minted Republican."

Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly

9:14 PM 07/21/2013

At 88, legendary conservative activist Phyllis Schlafly is still fighting hard for conservative causes.

Ben Carson to America: Rise up and fight for freedom [VIDEO]

9:07 PM 07/14/2013

Dr. Ben Carson is turning his attention from healing sick people to healing his beloved nation.

Brigitte Gabriel calls on President Obama to step down

9:04 PM 07/07/2013

Brigitte Gabriel is a survivor of terror who leads a fast-growing grassroots national security organization, ACT! for America.

Rep. Barletta: US ‘waving a green flag’ for people to come here illegally [VIDEO]

9:34 PM 06/30/2013

As immigration reform takes center stage in the House, Pennsylvania Republican Rep. Lou Barletta stands ready to fight a bill like the bipartisan Senate "Gang of Eight" bill, which passed the Senate last week.