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Former Democratic lawyer goes after the IRS [VIDEO]

Lois Lerner, former director of the Tax Exempt and Government Entities Division at the Internal Revenue Service, is re-sworn-in for a continuation of a hearing of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee on Capitol Hill March 5, 2014 in Washington, D.C. (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

A former Democratic lawyer and pre-eminent expert on political advocacy and election law has a lot to say about the IRS scandal in this Daily Caller interview.

Conservative leader calls for a new movement to stop the loss of self-government

10:49 PM 04/13/2014

The president of the Claremont Institute in California is calling for a conservative movement that is centered on defending the U.S. Constitution.

Award-winning journalist Bill Gertz dismantles Obama’s provocative policies of appeasement [VIDEO]

10:25 PM 04/06/2014

In an increasingly dangerous world where most Americans are distracted by busy lives and domestic politics, an award-winning national security reporter, Bill Gertz, is watching a radical, progressive transformation of America's image and capabilities.

Pro-life advocate Lila Rose: ‘There is a natural law out there that is higher than government’ [VIDEO]

9:52 PM 03/30/2014

Lila Rose became an activist against abortion at nine years of age in her parents' California living room when she first realized that it amounts to the killing of a child.

O’Keefe: Our videos ‘simply make people live up to their own principles’ [VIDEO]

10:22 PM 03/23/2014

The deposed ACORN leader, Bertha Lewis, has called James O'Keefe a "demon, liar and cheat" because one of his explosive video investigations unraveled one of the largest taxpayer-subsidized, left-wing cabals in 2009.

The covert war Washington won’t acknowledge [VIDEO]

9:04 PM 03/16/2014

Americans need to realize that their economy is under constant attack, says author Kevin Freeman.

The story behind the shoot down of ‘Extortion 17′ – Part 2

10:47 PM 03/09/2014

On Aug. 6, 2011, Navy SEAL Team Six member Aaron Vaughn and 29 other American soldiers perished when the Taliban shot down a Chinook helicopter in an ambush in Afghanistan.

This 25-year-old could teach the RNC something about youth outreach [VIDEO]

10:14 PM 03/02/2014

Twenty-five-year-old Julie Borowski, known as "Token Libertarian Girl" on YouTube, could teach the Republican Party a thing or two.

Bachmann pays tribute to five important years of the tea party [VIDEO]

5:06 PM 02/21/2014

In this exclusive three-part video interview, Republican Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann combines feminine dignity, effective communication skills and a laser-like focus on the issues uppermost on the mind of liberty-loving patriots.

National security expert: Obama’s naïve foreign policy putting America at risk [VIDEO]

9:07 PM 02/16/2014

Allen Roth, president of the foreign policy advocacy group Secure America Now, believes the average American has a sounder understanding of security and foreign policy issues than those in government.

Rep. Paul Gosar: GOP plays small ball while Obama goes big [VIDEO]

11:18 PM 02/02/2014

A growing number of Republican House members, especially those elected in 2010 and 2012, are voicing dissent against the weak, defensive House Republican leadership as President Barack Obama consolidates the power of the executive branch.

How the government uses its powerful ‘invisible weapon’ to mislead the public [VIDEO]

9:49 PM 01/26/2014

Disinformation was a widely used propaganda tool in the Soviet era. But did disinformation cease with the fall of the USSR?

Common Core is taking aim at the souls of our children, says a classical educator [VIDEO]

10:22 PM 01/19/2014

Terrence Moore, an assistant professor of history at Hillsdale College, dug through Common Core-approved textbooks to understand what is coming for America.

Psychologist teaches mainstream Americans how to beat liberals at their own game [VIDEO]

9:27 PM 01/12/2014

For Dr. Timothy Daughtry, a clinical psychologist who has co-authored a book for mainstream Americans, too many citizens think they have done their civic duty if they show up to vote and return to their normal lives.

Cato scholar: Common Core fight is ‘establishment vs. regular people’ [VIDEO]

10:36 PM 01/05/2014

Two political groups have risen up in the last nine months to oppose state legislatures adopting the federally-backed Common Core education standards, testing and data collection, according to education policy scholar at the Cato Institute Neal McCluskey.

Justin Amash: Washington listens only when voters speak up [VIDEO]

8:39 PM 12/22/2013

Despite being one of the Republican leadership's least-liked members, Michigan Rep. Justin Amash defends the need for a GOP majority in the House of Representatives.

Codevilla: Obama’s targeting of his political enemies erodes trust in government [VIDEO]

3:11 PM 12/11/2013

Trust in the federal government is declining to record lows while the Obama administration uses overbearing, imperious authority to suppress political dissent and intimidate his opposition, says author Angelo Codevilla.

Codevilla: Republican leaders care more about loss of power than loss of liberty [VIDEO]

9:54 PM 12/08/2013

The Republican Party's leadership is more concerned with threats to its power than threats to liberty, according to Angelo Codevilla, author of "The Ruling Class: How They Corrupted America and What We Can Do About It."

From a woman of faith who loves America: ‘Black people have been deceived’ [VIDEO]

8:24 PM 12/01/2013

Dr. Carol Swain, professor of law and political science at Vanderbilt Law School, is a woman of faith who loves this country and the Constitution.

Labrador: Obama is making Congress irrelevant [VIDEO]

9:52 PM 11/24/2013

Rep. Raul Labrador says that President Obama is increasingly making Congress irrelevant as he seeks to implement his progressive vision for America using the executive branch and the courts.