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How Montanans think about the TSA’s ammo purchase

Gary Marbut
President, The Montana Shooting Sports Association
              FILE - In this July 9, 2010 file photograph, an Afghan National Army soldier wears an ammunition belt around his neck during a joint patrol with United States Army soldiers from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion of the 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne, in the volatile Arghandab Valley, outside Kandahar City. U.S. military officials have noted that Afghan security forces are dying in insider attacks along with foreign troops, but so far, the Afghan government has not provided statistics on the number killed. (AP Photo/Kevin Frayer, File)

A recent headline shouts that the TSA will be purchasing 3.5 million rounds of ammunition.

What’s really behind the ammo shortage?

11:41 PM 05/21/2013

Several people have asked me what’s causing the ammunition shortage.

What the Constitution’s Supremacy Clause really means

8:46 PM 02/24/2013

In an op-ed published in The Daily Caller on February 23, Gregg Re repeats the all-too-common understanding that the overrated Supremacy Clause of the U.S. Constitution makes the federal government supreme in virtually anything it wishes to do. That Gregg would hold such an opinion is no big surprise. It's what he and most everyone else were taught in high school. Fortunately, I have learned since high school that this view of the Supremacy Clause is not only wrong; it is dangerous to people and to individual liberty.