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Netherlands looks to expand euthanasia grounds to include lonely, poor

2:08 PM 11/15/2011

Mississippi is not alone in the modern debate over the sanctity of life. More than 4,000 miles away, the Netherlands is caught up in its own controversy over a proposal from the Dutch Medical Association (KNMG) to expand the definition of who may qualify for assisted suicide -- including for the first time such nonmedical factors as loneliness and financial struggles.

Opulent homes of ‘the 99 percent’ [SLIDESHOW]

12:26 AM 11/02/2011

Representatives of “the 99 percent” have been camping out in lower Manhattan to protest economic inequality since late September, but the riches on display at some of their home addresses clearly came from "1 percent" families.

Pastors to IRS: Come and get us

12:57 PM 09/30/2011

Fully knowing that they will be breaking the law and possibly leaving their churches in financial shambles, between 400 and 500 pastors will sermonize on Sunday about political candidates — even endorsing them from the pulpit. And the Internal Revenue Service will be watching.

Job-loss sympathy cards soften the blow of unemployment

12:26 AM 09/28/2011

With layoffs continuing across the country and the national unemployment rate hovering over 9 percent, Hallmark has designed a line of unique sympathy cards to help well-wishers commiserate with the recently pink-slipped, according to a CNN report.