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Grae Stafford
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The Steam Filled Room: Meet the Jack Bauer Of Ecigs

10:57 PM 09/03/2015

I would say that everything about the Provari P3 "Stealth "screams low profile but if it could talk it wouldn’t scream. It would talk … quietly … confidently ... authoritatively. This is the Jack Bauer of ecigs.

Explosive New Gruber Video Uncovered [VIDEO]

10:06 PM 11/16/2014

The Daily Caller has uncovered explosive new video of MIT professor and Obamacare architect Jonathan "Hans" Gruber taking time out of his busy trash-talking schedule to trade walkie talkie banter with a stand-up member of America's "stupid voters," as John so loves to call them.

What This Guy Can Do On A Cello Is AMAZING

11:44 AM 07/08/2014

Electronic dubstep may not be everyone's choice of music. But Youtube user Ryan Knott has taken a swing at converting one of the most well known tracks -- Bangerang, by Skrillex -- in to a piece of classical music on his cello. The results are amazing.

German Redneck’s Amazing Soccer Weapon [VIDEO]

2:25 PM 07/07/2014

As everyone knows, Team USA crashed out of the World Cup. But it wasn't that they couldn't prevent Belgium from scoring (Tim Howard has that covered) -- the problem was scoring themselves. This could have been solved if they had had one of these.