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Here Are 17 Pictures From Inside The 'Peaceful' Protest On Inauguration Day

US | Grae Stafford
Here are 17 pictures from inside the “peaceful” protest on Inauguration Day.

The Steam Filled Room: Meet the Jack Bauer Of Ecigs

Daily Vaper | Grae Stafford
The Provari P3 Stealth, reporting for frontline duty

'The American Dream' Just Died

Sports | Grae Stafford
'Runnels became a hero to fans around the world thanks to his work ethic'

These Girls Saved The World, And They Look Even Sexier Today [PHOTOS]

US | Grae Stafford
They brought DC to a standstill


US | Grae Stafford
Reporters hospitalized as thug law runs rampant

Did The Air Force COMPLETELY Forget About The Vietnam War?

Opinion | Grae Stafford
Because it sure seems that way.

The Steam Filled Room: More Power = Better?

Daily Vaper | Grae Stafford
Was Tim Allen always right?

Steam-Filled Room: An Ecig With More Than Meets The Eye

Daily Vaper | Grae Stafford
V2 Pro Series 3 Review

Here's How Protesters Reacted To The Ferguson Decision In Washington, DC

US | Grae Stafford
Traffic comes to a standstill as peaceful demonstrators roam across the city

Explosive New Gruber Video Uncovered

Satire | Grae Stafford
Explosive New Gruber Video Uncovered

What Is Obama Doing As The Bombs Fall On Iraq?

Politics | Grae Stafford
Can you guess?

This Russian Is So Unhappy With Obama, He Smashed 2 Apple Devices

Entertainment | Grae Stafford

Obama Prefers Dead Republicans

Politics | Grae Stafford
Old Abe, Teddy, Ike, Tricky Dick and the Gipper

Someone Made The 'Transformers' Movie We Actually Want To See

Entertainment | Grae Stafford

Watch Lord Of The Rings In Under 90 seconds

Entertainment | Grae Stafford
'Don't trust the ugly people'

What This Guy Can Do On A Cello Is AMAZING

Entertainment | Grae Stafford
You have NEVER heard classical music like this

German Redneck's Amazing Soccer Weapon

Sports | Grae Stafford
The last word in soccer heavy artillery

How To Get A Haircut From An F-16 Fighter Jet

Video | Grae Stafford
Or at the very least a drive-by blow dry

Quick-Thinking Pilot Saves Two Planes From Colliding On Runway

Video | Grae Stafford
Don't park your plane where people are trying to land

MSNBC Airs Graphics To Help Obama During Immigration Statement

Politics | Grae Stafford
News network airs PowerPoint to help Obama

TheDC Photo Desk: The Hobby Lobby Decision In 17 Pictures

US | Grae Stafford
Emotions were running high

American Airlines Is REALLY Bad At Shipping Your Dog

US | Grae Stafford
Dog left with out food, water and exercise for 12 hours - Owners denied their military discount

Brooklyn gets World Cup Scoreboard Made Out Of Cars

Sports | Grae Stafford
This is not your average soccer scoreboard

Is This Why You Couldn't Get On Facebook Yesterday?

Tech | Grae Stafford
Amazing video visualizes the attack

How To Shoot A Weapon Using Google Glass

Guns and Gear | Grae Stafford
'Ok Glass, fire at will'

MSNBC Reporter Questions Obama's 'Management Of Government'

Politics | Grae Stafford
Chuck Todd and John Karl tag team Carney as he announces his resignation

Reporters Call Out Carney For Spinning VA Retirement As A Resignation

Politics | Grae Stafford
'I don't care what the American Legion has to say; I'm asking what you have to say'

What If 'Game Of Thrones' Had Been Made In The 1980s?

Entertainment | Grae Stafford
Soft focus and cheesy smiles

Pope Welcomes Martians To Catholic Service

World | Grae Stafford
'Green, with that long nose and big ears'

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