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Grae Stafford
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TheDC Photo Desk: The Hobby Lobby Decision In 17 Pictures

3:56 PM 06/30/2014

WASHINGTON -- Hundreds of people gathered outside the Supreme Court in blazing sunshine to await the decision in the landmark case that would decide if private businesses would be forced, under the Affordable Care Act, to provide contraception to their employees.

How To Shoot A Weapon Using Google Glass [VIDEO]

4:15 PM 06/13/2014

Shooting round corners will no longer be science fiction -- thanks to a new application from firearms technology company Tracking Point. In a new video announcing "Shotview," Tracking Point Labs demonstrate how "the advent of wearable technology facilitates a new era in augmented marksman ability."

This Guy Is Winning At Being A Dad

4:26 PM 04/29/2014

One boy from North Los Angeles had his birthday wish come true thanks to a post on Facebook from his dad and a car dealership that knows how important dreams are.