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All you need to know about the current situation with Russia in one picture

Grae Stafford
U.S.Secretary of State John Kerry listens to a question from a reporter during a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Rome March 6, 2014. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Secretary of State John Kerry met about Ukraine Friday morning with his counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

‘Prankster’ spikes teacher’s Diet Coke with hand sanitizer, sends her to hospital

2:48 AM 03/14/2014

A 15-year-old boy from Santa Rosa Beach, Florida has been charged with a first degree felony after he “willfully, with the intent to injure,” put “Germ-X” into his teacher’s beverage.

Dow plunges 231 points over Ukraine tensions

4:49 PM 03/13/2014

Stock markets around the world have taken a hammering as global event's  and regional tensions spark a sell off by traders with an anonymous trader speaking to CNBC saying "We don't have panic selling here, We're getting a lot of panic questions."

Ukraine creates new 20,000 strong reserve force to face Putin [VIDEO]

4:42 PM 03/13/2014

The Ukrainian Parliament created a national guard Thursday morning, working to raise their reserve soldiers by 20,000 as Russian President Vladimir Putin amasses troops on their borders, and three days before the occupied Crimean Peninsula.

Schwarzenegger carves path of destruction for charity [VIDEO]

4:28 PM 03/13/2014

What is better than Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing things in a tank? Nothing. Nothing is better than Arnold Schwarzenegger crushing things in a tank.

The voice that made you want to see movies dies at 89

3:00 PM 03/13/2014

You may not have known the man, but you certainly knew his voice.

WATCH Red Bull’s latest amazing marketing stunt [VIDEO]

3:35 PM 03/12/2014

Energy drink maker Red Bull is no stranger to big stunts, but after having a man parachute from space where do you go next? Well Red Bull's slogan of "Giving you wings" comes true in the latest Red Bull stunt.

‘Don’t depart for Spring Break unprepared!’ UVA holds ‘Condom Olympics’

12:14 PM 03/11/2014

This past Sunday, the University of Virginia held a 'Condom Olympics.'

Have you heard this hilarious prank call? [AUDIO]

3:41 PM 03/10/2014

Listen as "Marie" is contacted multiple times by a New York radio station pretending to sell WWE pay-per-view packages.

The story behind the shoot down of ‘Extortion 17′ – Part 1

11:42 AM 03/09/2014

Most people know SEAL Team 6 killed Osama bin Laden, but few know what happened afterwards, and why.

It’s a small, small world with a BIG, BIG price

7:48 PM 03/04/2014

Visiting the Magic Kingdom is a dream for many, but that dream might be getting harder to achieve. The Walt Disney corporation raised its entry price from $95 to $99, and all of it's other theme parks ticket prices from $90 to $94. Now Universal is raising the prices from $92 to $96 and bumping "park-to-park" tickets by $12.

Former NAACP head joins venture capitalist firm in California

7:27 PM 03/04/2014

Former NAACP President Benjamin Jealous has been hired by a venture capitalist firm in Silicon Valley that specializes in the "disruptive democratization of a sector."

Obama promises to defend Poland against Russia as Reid urges caution about action

7:16 PM 03/03/2014

Polish news site is reporting that President Obama in a telephone call on Sunday to Polish President Bronislaw Komorowski "assured him 'unequivocally as to Poland's security, knowing that Poland is not only a neighbor of Ukraine but Russia as well.'

Over one million people try to collaboratively beat Pokemon

3:36 PM 03/03/2014

In a stunning piece of collective collaboration, over a million users of the internet game-live-streaming company Twitch attempted to prove the Infinite Monkey theorem by attempting to beat the Nintendo Gameboy game Pokemon.

How Lena Dunham’s Obama ‘virginity’ ad brought viral gold for libertarian star [VIDEO]

12:43 AM 03/02/2014

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller, Julie Borowski, star of the viral "Token Libertarian Girl" You Tube channel, explains what brought her in to the world of libertarian politics.

Soldiers’ arctic training put on hold because it’s too cold

3:45 PM 02/26/2014

British soldiers at the NATO Allied Training Center in Porsanger, Norway will not be taking part in Arctic training because the temperatures fall outside of health and safety guidelines for a safe work environment.

High school student hands in beer he mistakenly grabbed from fridge to teacher, gets suspended

1:44 PM 02/26/2014

Seventeen year old Chaz Seale's crime? Running late.

BACHMANN: ‘Lawless’ Obama ‘rules by tweet,’ Congress must have support from voters to impeach him [VIDEO]

10:20 PM 02/22/2014

What will be President Barack Obama's legacy after he leaves office?

Edward Snowden lands new job as student rep

4:36 PM 02/18/2014

Edward Snowden, bane of the intelligence community and Vladimir Putin's house guest, has been elected as as the student rector for Glasgow University in the United Kingdom.

Police taser a deaf man TWICE, then charge him with assault for signing

5:59 PM 02/17/2014

Officers from Hawthorne Police Department in California twice Tasered a man who was trying to sign to them that he was deaf, a lawsuit allegees.