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This Guy Is Winning At Being A Dad

4:26 PM 04/29/2014

One boy from North Los Angeles had his birthday wish come true thanks to a post on Facebook from his dad and a car dealership that knows how important dreams are.

Here’s Proof That Porn Stars Can’t Fly [NSFW]

5:02 PM 04/25/2014

There are ways to "Live the life." Millionaire Dan Bilzerian -- son of Wall Street takeover-guru and sometime-Securities and Exchange Commission person of interest Paul Bilzerian -- chooses to live his life surrounded by fast cars,

Caps on government benefits in the UK spur self-employment

4:12 PM 04/24/2014

Minutes released from the Bank of England's monetary policy committee (MPC) --- which is responsible for setting interest rates in the UK --- appear to confirm the view that capping welfare benefits increases the amount of people entering the workforce.

What if social media companies came from Westeros?

2:43 PM 04/11/2014

Game of Throne's intro is probably the greatest intro to a TV program ever. A masterpiece of graphical excellence, the camera swoops over George R. R. Martin's mythical land of Westeros as cities and castles unfold out of the ground with clock work precision.

How progressive France became even more unproductive

2:46 PM 04/10/2014

France today took a giant leap forward in handicapping its place in the global market even further. In a legally binding labour agreement, workers are now required to switch off their work phones at the end of their allotted work schedule. In addition they will not be allowed to access work related content on their computers.