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Obama campaign in the red despite big Hollywood donations

1:11 PM 07/21/2012

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Amid a heavy barrage of advertising by opposing "super" political groups, President Barack Obama's re-election campaign spent more than it collected in June. While outraised again by Republican Mitt Romney, Obama ended the month with a hefty $97.5 million in the bank.

Jerry Sandusy victim breakdown by verdict

12:37 AM 06/23/2012

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (AP) — Former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted Friday of 45 counts of sexually abusing 10 boys. Here's a breakdown, by victim, of what he was found guilty of doing and the three counts of which he was acquitted:

The real curse of the Kennedys: Their horrible treatment of women

4:14 PM 05/20/2012

Along with their waning power, wealth, privilege and prestige, here’s another element of the Camelot mystique that needs to be extinguished: the myth of “The Kennedy Curse.” It’s almost a reflexive national reaction when we hear of yet another Kennedy dying too young, so of course it was invoked again last week, when news broke that Mary Richardson Kennedy, the estranged 52-year-old wife of Robert Kennedy Jr., had hung herself in her barn on Wednesday. A curse, however, implies supernatural intervention by vengeful gods jealous of mortal youth, beauty, brilliance.

Lawmakers faulted in Fast and Furious investigative leaks

3:49 AM 03/25/2012

The latest twist in the tug of war over Department of Justice documents central to the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious came Friday evening, when a top Justice official refused a congressional request for subpoenaed documents and blamed GOP lawmakers over the leaking of sensitive information.