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Ira Brodsky
Author, "The History & Future of Medical Technology"
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      Ira Brodsky

      Ira Brodsky is the author of “The History & Future of Medical Technology.”

FDA Steamrolls Patients’ Rights, States Fight Back

Former FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg is a defendant in a racketeering lawsuit. (REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton/Files)

Believe it or not, there is a battle underway in the U.S. over whether terminally ill patients who have exhausted all government-approved treatments have the right to try experimental drugs. You might think that in a country founded on the principles of limited government and individual rights, citizens would be free to choose any health remedy in a last-ditch effort to save their own lives. But that’s not the way it is: Congress gave the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) exclusive power to approve drugs, and the FDA believes that even people who are dying must be protected from unproven therapies.

Hello total information awareness, goodbye freedom

5:58 PM 06/15/2013

Top Democrats and Republicans have finally found something they can agree on: it’s acceptable for the National Security Agency to indiscriminately seize and warehouse U.S. citizens’ phone, Internet, and credit card records. They assure us that the NSA is only collecting metadata, and it’s only to protect us from terrorist attacks.

The technocrat in chief

3:12 PM 09/28/2012

We learned a great deal about you from your performance at the United Nations on Tuesday, Mr. President. You spoke as the world’s most celebrated technocrat to his colleagues. You do not believe in big ideas such as liberty. You would rather finesse a few little difficulties while papering over big problems.

Obama’s foreign policy chickens come home to roost

7:08 PM 09/13/2012

Four years of appeasement are finally paying off. The Obama administration apologized for a movie that no reasonable, intelligent person could take seriously. The apology served as an invitation to attack our embassies. And it predictably led to the demand that we prosecute the movie’s producers for “hate speech.”

President Obama’s failed policies of the present

6:41 PM 09/04/2012

President Obama accuses Republicans of clinging to the failed policies of the past. But the Obama administration has revived the practice of picking winners and losers in the marketplace. That policy didn’t work in the 1930s and isn't working today.

Who is Paul Ryan?

5:10 PM 08/14/2012

It didn’t take long for libertarians to condemn Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate. Ryan may have required his staffers to read Ayn Rand’s novels, but he’s no John Galt. Over his nearly 14 years in Congress, Ryan has cast several votes unfit for an advocate of limited government. He voted for TARP, auto bailouts, and Medicare expansion. He also voted for No Child Left Behind, and twice voted for stimulus spending.

Why the Palestinians would welcome a US veto

9:30 AM 09/22/2011

The diplomatic offensive playing out this week at the United Nations is designed to create the appearance that Israel and the U.S. are the only obstacles to a Palestinian state living at peace with Israel. But it’s the Palestinians who don’t want a Palestinian state, and they are counting on a U.S. veto in the U.N. Security Council to prevent it should it come to a vote. The last thing Palestinian leaders want is responsibility for establishing a civil society and preventing attacks from their territory on a neighboring state.

Google’s radical agenda

11:37 AM 09/12/2011

Google recently agreed to forfeit $500 million to avoid prosecution for knowingly accepting illegal advertisements from online Canadian pharmacies. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Google knew as early as 2003 that the pharmacies were promoting illegal importation of drugs, yet it continued to accept the ads and provide customer support to the advertisers through 2009.

Google’s dangerous mission

1:25 PM 06/30/2011

With data breaches and cyber attacks littering the news, Google’s mission, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful,” is proving increasingly dangerous. By purposely storing all of the world’s information in one place, putting everyone’s eggs in one basket, Google exposes Internet users, content producers and even governments to huge and unnecessary risks. The utopian vision behind Google’s mission — that all information (including private property) should be centralized in the hands of one unaccountable entity — can only lead to a series of disasters and ultimately tyranny.