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Hilariously, Northwestern undergrads learn more from rent-a-profs than real professors

Inside Higher Education
frustrated professor. Photo: Getty Images

A major new study has found that new students at Northwestern University learn more when their instructors are adjuncts than when they are tenure-track professors.

So you can’t cross state lines with textbooks rented from Amazon

6:06 AM 08/19/2013

Students who rent textbooks through's Warehouse Deals, Inc. may be unknowingly agreeing to an unusual condition: They are not permitted to cross state borders with their books.

Professor accuses affirmative action critics of race bias only he can see

6:32 AM 08/14/2013

Critics of affirmative action generally argue that the country would be better off with a meritocracy, typically defined as an admissions system where high school grades and standardized test scores are the key factors, applied in the same way to applicants of all races and ethnicities.

Accreditation giant: Shut down City College of San Francisco in a year

2:32 AM 07/06/2013

City College of San Francisco will lose its accreditation in one year and be shut down, its regional accreditor announced on Wednesday, unless the college can prevail in a review or appeal process with the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges.

Hope and change: this year’s college freshmen have grim, serious outlook

1:33 AM 01/26/2013

One might hope that the economic recession, which formally ended in 2009, is no longer inhibiting students’ educational pursuits -- or, perhaps more realistically, not as much.

Study: colleges in states that ban affirmative action in admission see less racial segregation

3:58 AM 01/05/2013

Court decisions dating to the 1950s theoretically ended racial segregation of higher education in the United States. But data to be presented today at the annual meeting of the American Economic Association show that the pace of desegregation has slowed over time. And in a finding that could be controversial, the study finds that states that ban the consideration of race in admissions may see the pace of desegregation accelerate.

Looming Pell Grant crisis could reshape financial aid

9:27 PM 11/18/2012

It’s been a nail-biting few years for Pell Grant advocates, as Congressional budget crisis after Congressional budget crisis raised the specter of deep cuts to the major federal financial aid program for low-income students.

Posh schools offer online courses to the masses for credit (and, of course, cash)

4:48 PM 11/16/2012

A consortium of 10 top-tier universities will soon offer fully online, credit-bearing undergraduate courses through a partnership with 2U, a company that facilitates online learning.

Latin returns from the dead down under

5:17 PM 11/13/2012

"Because it's been a language of scholars and old things, it's got a mystique and romance to it," says Rachel Currie, one of many Australian students breathing new life into the dead language of Latin.

George Washington U. the third private college to distort rankings — this year

5:23 PM 11/09/2012

George Washington University (GW) on Thursday became the third private university this year to admit that it has been reporting incorrect information about its new students -- both on the university's website and in information provided to U.S. News & World Report for rankings.