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Hurricane or stripper? [SLIDESHOW]

5:34 PM 10/29/2012

Sandy.  It sounds so calm and gentle. Who would ever think that a hurricane with such a sweet-sounding name could wreak havoc on the entire East Coast of the United States?

Pa. Court rules voters can cast ballots without ID

11:09 AM 10/02/2012

HARRISBURG - A Commonwealth Court judge ruled today that Pennsylvania's controversial new voter ID law can remain mostly intact for the November election, but will impose a very narrow injunction that will allow even those without identification to vote.

Romney says he accepts being linked to Obamacare

11:16 AM 09/20/2012

MIAMI (AP) — Mitt Romney says it's a compliment to be called the grandfather of Obamacare, the health care law championed by President Barack Obama and scorned by Republicans — including Romney himself.

Libya rescue squad ran into fierce, accurate ambush

3:36 PM 09/13/2012

A squad of U.S. troops despatched by helicopter across the Libyan desert to rescue besieged diplomats from Benghazi on Wednesday ran into a fierce overnight ambush that left a further two Americans dead, Libyan officials told Reuters.

Long-awaited Fast and Furious report places blame on ATF, DOJ

12:12 PM 09/11/2012

Dozens of senior-level U.S. government officials turned a blind eye to public safety as they pursued an ill-conceived and poorly managed investigation into gun trafficking in Mexico, according to a long-awaited inspector general's report on Operation Fast and Furious.