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Glenn Beck renews attack on American Airlines

DALLAS (AP) — Radio talk show host Glenn Beck isn't backing down from his public attack on American Airlines.

MTV moves VMAs to avoid conflict with Obama’s DNC speech

12:54 PM 09/05/2012

NEW YORK — MTV has moved up the start of its annual Video Music Awards so its fans won't have to choose between pop stars and President Barack Obama.

New England Patriots work out Plaxico Burress

3:28 PM 08/13/2012

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Free-agent receiver Plaxico Burress was headed to New England on Sunday to work out for the Patriots, according to ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

Usher’s stepson dies 2 weeks after lake accident

1:51 PM 07/23/2012

ATLANTA (AP) — The stepson of the Grammy award-winning pop star Usher has died, two weeks after the child was critically injured in a boating accident.

Iran fears attacks on the affluent over chicken commercials

9:08 AM 07/18/2012

As a last resort to fight soaring food prices, a top Iranian official has proposed a ban on images of people eating chicken on television.

‘Green Mile’ actor Michael Clarke Duncan in hospital after life-threatening cardiac arrest

2:45 PM 07/13/2012

The actor was resuscitated by girlfriend Omarosa Stallworth, according to TMZ.

China hires tens of thousands of North Korea guest workers

1:06 PM 07/03/2012

SEOUL — China is quietly inviting tens of thousands of North Korean guest workers into the country in a deal that will provide a cash infusion to help prop up a teetering regime with little more to export than the drudgery of a desperately poor population.

Gabby ‘Flying Squirrel’ Douglas guaranteed spot in London Olympic Games

12:51 PM 07/03/2012

SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) Long called an underdog, Gabby Douglas likes her new label a whole lot more.

BlackBerry maker RIM will cut 5,000 jobs after big losses

12:43 PM 06/29/2012

TORONTO (AP) — Struggling BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. said Thursday it will delay the launch of new phones deemed critical to the company's survival and revealed its business is crumbling faster than thought.

ACLU to represent KKK in quest to ‘adopt’ a highway in Georgia

1:43 PM 06/27/2012

The American Civil Liberties Union will champion a Ku Klux Klan outfit's right to "adopt" a section of highway in Union County, an ACLU official said Tuesday — on the same day that key members of the KKK group acknowledged they live in a neighboring county.

Supreme Court upholds Citizens United decision

5:00 PM 06/25/2012

Limits on corporate campaign spending are unconstitutional, the Supreme Court ruled on Monday, striking down a Montana law.

Obama blames Republicans as deadline on student loans looms

1:26 PM 06/22/2012

As interest rates on federal student loans threaten to double in just nine days, President Obama again expressed his disapproval of Congress “playing chicken with another deadline.”

Louisiana law requires sex offenders to indicate their crime on social media sites

4:56 PM 06/21/2012

A new Louisiana law requires sex offenders and child predators to state their criminal status on their Facebook or other social networking page, with the law's author saying the bill is the first of its kind in the nation.

Wes and his posse tackled in Aspen

4:14 PM 06/19/2012

New England Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker and several of his burly buddies got into a fight with security guards as he was precelebrating his upcoming wedding in Aspen, Colo.

Indian man unrepentant after beheading daughter

1:18 PM 06/19/2012

JAIPUR, India (AP) - A father in northwestern India remained unrepentant Tuesday after beheading his daughter with a ceremonial sword in a rage over her relationships with men, police said.

Florida boy recovering after being shot in the head with a three-foot spear

12:26 PM 06/19/2012

A Florida teen is undergoing a miraculous recovery after he was accidentally shot in the head with a spear gun.

Orlando airport latest to ditch TSA in favor of private security

5:56 PM 06/18/2012

Orlando Sanford International Airport has received initial approval for its proposal to replace its TSA contingent with private security staff.

Facebook users don’t ‘like’ targeted advertisements, collect $10 million in lawsuit

3:38 PM 06/18/2012

Those annoying little advertisements that flank every Facebook user’s newsfeed -- called “sponsored stories” -- have become another thorn in Facebook’s already thorny side.

USDA subsidizes advertising for almonds, wine tours in California and organic pet shampoo

5:07 PM 06/15/2012

Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tom Coburn released a report yesterday exposing inefficiency and waste  in the USDA’s Market Access Program (MAP), which has spent $2.1 billion since 1999 on subsidies for profitable agriculture companies and trade associations that do business overseas.

Swiss bankers afraid to leave their stoop as US probe continues

4:22 PM 06/15/2012

A United States investigation into overseas tax evasion has zeroed in on 11 Swiss banks, resulting in the arrest of several high-profile bankers and revealing the names of thousands of American clients.