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Israel Ortega
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      Israel Ortega

      Israel Ortega is editor of, the Spanish-language website of The Heritage Foundation.

America, the great beacon of liberty

2:03 PM 07/03/2011

July 4, 1776, the day of the Declaration of Independence’s signing, was a glorious day in our country’s history. With a stroke of a pen, our founders sealed an enduring document representing the triumph of liberty over tyranny. And yet, centuries after this, one of the most important events in our country’s history, it’s easy to gloss over the Fourth of July as just another holiday.

President Obama’s budget disappointment

1:37 PM 02/15/2011

Just a few weeks ago, President Barack Obama delivered the annual State of the Union address before a joint session of Congress, complete with the usual pomp and pageantry we’ve come to expect. With the nation watching, he delicately walked a fine line, trying not to offend anyone and please everyone. This, too, has become a tradition of sorts.

Washington can learn from Puerto Rico’s economic model

9:23 AM 12/14/2010

As our country weathers one of the worst economic recessions in its history, the tax debate in Congress continues. The outcome of these negotiations will have huge consequences for the coming year. To see why this debate is so important, we need only look to Puerto Rico to appreciate the effects of both good and bad tax policy.

President Obama’s missed opportunity on education

3:44 PM 09/30/2010

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, President Obama recently spoke at the Congressional Hispanic Institute’s 33rd annual gala, covering a broad range of issues in hopes of driving Hispanics to the polls for this fall’s midterm elections. With the elections only about a month away, it’s understandable that the president’s remarks read more like a campaign speech than a serious policy discussion.