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Measles spike prompts warning for traveling abroad

Jacqueline Klimas
(Photo by Mark Kegans/Getty Images)

Federal health officials said during a Tuesday webinar that some Americans traveling abroad in Europe are being exposed to outbreaks of the measles and reentering the United States infected with the virus.

Obama budget cuts funding for Children’s Hospital Graduate Medical Education Program

12:56 AM 07/21/2011

Pink eye from a classmate. A sprained wrist from after-school basketball. Missing school because of a stomach bug.

FDA calls for more congressional oversight on global drug economy

12:32 AM 07/13/2011

The Food and Drug Administration called on Congress Tuesday to make the laws that govern the global prescription drug economy stronger.

Lieberman, Coburn introduce Medicare plan on Capitol Hill

7:01 PM 06/28/2011

Sens. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, and Tom Coburn, Oklahoma Republican, rolled out their bipartisan plan to save Medicare Tuesday on Capitol Hill.