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Former senator and Vietnam POW Jeremiah Denton dies

W. James Antle III
Editor, The Daily Caller News Foundation
Retired rear admiral Jeremiah A. Denton Jr. addresses the audience during the National POW/MIA Recognition Day Ceremony at the Pentagon in Washington, September 18, 2009. REUTERS/Cherie Cullen/DoD photo/Handout

Former Alabama Republican Sen. Jeremiah Denton, a retired Navy rear admiral who spent nearly eight years as a captive in brutal North Vietnamese prison camps, died Friday in Virginia. He was 89.

Gay marriage supporters eye Republican backing

4:39 PM 03/27/2014

Are Republicans starting to change their position on same-sex marriage? Some gay marriage supporters think so.

Where would Ted Cruz go to war?

11:34 PM 03/18/2014

It might have been the strangest moment of a bizarre campaign.

Big government still devouring freedom

5:26 PM 03/12/2014

A year ago, my book Devouring Freedom was released. It sought to address two questions. Does government growth really shrink individual freedom? And can big government ever be stopped?

Meet the GOP’s main man for minority outreach

11:43 PM 03/02/2014

Black History Month is over, but Republican outreach to African-American voters is only just beginning.

Donald Trump’s most exciting presidential campaign

7:05 PM 02/20/2014

Remember when Donald Trump left the Republican Party?

Five reasons Romneycare doesn’t guarantee Obamacare’s success

1:34 AM 02/17/2014

It's been a few months since President Barack Obama decided to tie up Boston traffic by giving a health care speech right before Game 6 of the World Series. But the Massachusetts health care law, signed by Obama's 2012 Republican challenger Mitt Romney, is still held up as proof of Obamacare's inevitable triumph.

The Boehner 28

9:00 AM 02/12/2014

How many seats does John Boehner's party need to control the House? If you guessed 218, you are wrong.

Reagan’s amnesty didn’t work

1:54 PM 02/06/2014

House Speaker John Boehner says it will be tough to get Republicans to vote for "comprehensive immigration reform" as long as they don't trust President Obama "to enforce the law the way it was written."

Pete Seeger, Stalin and double standards

12:36 PM 01/28/2014

The New York Times wants you to know Pete Seeger renounced Joseph Stalin "years" before his 2007 song "Big Joe Blues."

Fact-checking the Obamacare fact-checkers

12:08 PM 01/12/2014

How much benefit of the doubt should Obamacare get at this point? It depends on who you ask.

Whatever happened to John Kasich?

9:34 AM 01/02/2014

The scene was a political fundraising luncheon in Cleveland. I was a College Republican. He was the green-eyeshade chairman of the House Budget Committee, though he aspired to be more.

The conservative group that lost its credibility

9:48 AM 12/13/2013

John Boehner says conservative groups criticizing the latest budget deal have "lost all credibility."

Mike Lee: Help families more, quote Reagan less

6:27 PM 10/29/2013

Ronald Reagan isn't walking through that door.

On health care, read Obama’s lips

10:26 AM 10/29/2013

"Read my lips: No new taxes."

Ohio’s Kasich ignores legislature on Obamacare Medicaid funds

9:51 AM 10/12/2013

Ohio Gov. John Kasich will bypass the Republican-controlled state legislature to accept Obamacare's Medicaid expansion, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

Who’s sabotaging Obamacare?

9:20 AM 10/11/2013

Obamacare's roll-out has been such a debacle that even the president's largest cheering section can't help but take notice.

The Obamacare fight will not end soon

9:32 AM 09/27/2013

When it comes to Obamacare, Barack Obama and Ted Cruz agree on one thing: If the Affordable Care Act is allowed to take effect, the American people will like it -- or at least learn to live with it.

The Obamacare circular firing squad

8:46 AM 09/20/2013

"Nancy Pelosi is more well-liked around here," an anonymous Republican aide bitched to National Review about Ted Cruz.

When Democrats go to war

10:43 AM 09/13/2013

What was President Obama thinking? The question comes to mind repeatedly after weeks of inscrutable presidential behavior concerning his proposed war -- or not war -- on Syria.