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Jerome Danner
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Here Is The State Of Comedy In The Trump Era

Trump laughing smile Getty Images/Ludovic Marin

In a sense, comedy in the age of Trump's presidency is much like comedy during any other presidency: It provides an escapism from the frustrating moments of reality, which include politics. A big difference is that many of today's more famous comedians share similar political traits to the traits found in mainstream media. Many comedians are inclined to pass off their biased views as objective and true when it comes to conservative politicians and conservative viewpoints.

MAN UP, DADS: Fathers Must Intentionally Educate Sons To Respect Girls And Women In The Sexual Assault Era

9:02 PM 01/03/2018

Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit the news and blew up in Tinseltown, it feels as if you cannot go a day before the next sexual assault allegations are hitting the airwaves. Sad to say that the shock has somewhat worn off at the hearing of such events taking place at this point because of the seemingly unending nature of the stories and the furiosity at which they are appearing. Nevertheless, news of such despicable behavior cannot just be simply overlooked and dismissed as isolated incidents only happening in the world of the rich and famous.