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Fiscal cliff fears prompt Hamptons wealthy to dump real estate before Jan. 1

The Hamptons.

Hampton homeowners are racing to get rid of their properties in the hope of pre-empting the onslaught of higher capital gains taxes that are scheduled to hit on Jan. 1.

AutoZone fires brave employee who stopped armed robbery with a gun

11:53 AM 12/05/2012

AutoZone has a zero tolerance policy for employees that use a firearm to stop an armed robbery.

Obama’s illegal alien uncle granted new immigration hearing

2:02 AM 12/05/2012

President Barack Obama’s illegal-alien uncle will get a new deportation hearing.

NFL player spent drunken night with another woman before slaying girlfriend, committing suicide

3:43 PM 12/04/2012

Before gunning down his girlfriend Saturday, Kansas City Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher reportedly spent a drunken night with another woman. Belcher later turned a gun on himself at Arrowhead Stadium, ending his own life.

New photo shows bloodied George Zimmerman, may bolster claim of self-defense

12:02 PM 12/04/2012

DC Street View: Game of Thrones, UK Style [VIDEO]

1:47 AM 12/04/2012

The story that Kate Middleton is expecting a baby broke early Monday morning in the United States, but when The Daily Caller's camera hit the street, some people didn't even know about the happy news.

Republican Doomsday plan: Cave on taxes, vote ‘present’

5:22 PM 12/03/2012

Republicans have reportedly drafted a "Doomsday Plan" in anticipation of a stalemate on fiscal cliff negotiations.

Mass. city: Free flu shots, gift certificates in exchange for your guns

11:32 AM 12/03/2012

Police are encouraging residents of Worcester, Mass., to trade in their guns for free flu shots and gift certificates during its annual "Goods for Guns Buyback Program" next weekend.

Islamist protesters shut down Egypt’s top court before it can rule on new constitution

11:46 PM 12/02/2012

Bankrupt Calif. town’s city attorney warns of public safety cuts: ‘Lock your doors and load your guns’

12:02 AM 12/02/2012

San Bernardino is so bankrupt that the city's attorney is advising residents to "lock your doors and load your guns," in the face of budgetary cuts that have downsized the police force by 80 officers.

Google, Twitter resuscitate Speak2Tweet for Syrian net blackout

4:53 PM 11/30/2012

UK doctor testifies that under socialized medicine, sick babies are sent home to die

3:22 AM 11/30/2012

A British physician's disturbing testimony is shedding light on the increasingly common practice of National Health Service (NHS) hospitals sending sick or severely disabled newborn babies home or to hospices to die of starvation or dehydration.

Golf’s ruling bodies move to ban long-handled putters

5:25 PM 11/28/2012

Golf's governing bodies on Wednesday proposed a ban on players anchoring long putters to any part of their body, in an effort to rid the game of the practice entirely by 2016.

UK foster parents lose children after identifying with right-leaning political party

1:35 AM 11/27/2012

A British couple lost custody of their three foster children after social workers called them "racist" and said they were "unsuitable" caregivers -- because of their political party affiliation.

Report: In Virginia, more guns, less crime

2:06 PM 11/26/2012

As gun ownership has increased dramatically, gun-related violent crimes have gradually decreased over the past six years in the state of Virginia, according to a new analysis.

Alabama Democratic lawmaker pushing law to allow gun storage at work

11:13 AM 11/26/2012

A Democratic state senator is pushing legislation that would require Alabama businesses and property owners to allow employees to transport and store handguns or ammunition at work.

Michigan lawmakers consider fetus tax credit

1:17 PM 11/21/2012

Michigan may soon become the first state in the U.S. to allow expecting parents to claim fetuses that are at least 12 weeks old as dependents for state income tax purposes.

Leahy draws back support for warrantless email amendment

6:59 PM 11/20/2012

Vermont Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy took to Twitter on Tueday to announce that he does not support an amendment to Senate legislation that would allow law enforcement and government agencies warrantless access to private citizens' e-mails, social media accounts and other digital files.

Rep. King: Petraeus ‘going to have to testify one way or the other’

9:55 PM 11/10/2012

During Saturday's broadcast of "The Steve Malzberg Show" on ABC Radio’s Washington, D.C. affiliate WMAL, New York Republican Rep. Peter King, the chairman of the House Committee on Homeland Security, was adamant that former CIA Director David Petraeus should testify before Congress despite his sudden resignation.

Poll: Israel remains one of world’s most negatively-viewed countries

5:44 PM 11/08/2012

Israel continues to remain one of the world's most negatively-viewed countries, according to the BBC's annual Country Ratings Poll.  The majority in 17 out of 22 countries rank Israel negatively -- a slight increase from 2011. This trend is particularly on the rise in Europe, and in Muslim and Asian countries.