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John Glaser

Chuck Hagel’s views are mainstream

7:00 PM 01/07/2013

A vociferous flock of Republicans in Congress, along with some of America’s most zealous right-wingers, have been hammering former GOP Senator Chuck Hagel, who President Obama nominated on Monday for secretary of defense.

The US needs to leave Iran alone

6:11 PM 01/28/2012

Washington’s hostility towards Tehran is fast making war inevitable. But the bluster, sanctions and covert action are aimed at foiling Iran’s nuclear weapons program, a threat that may be entirely imaginary.

Yes, al Qaeda attacked us because of our aggressive foreign policy

8:50 PM 09/15/2011

In an op-ed published by The Daily Caller on Wednesday, Jamie Weinstein argued against Ron Paul’s analysis that al Qaeda attacked us on 9/11 in response to aggressive U.S. foreign policy. Embarrassingly, his rejection lies in stark contrast to the conclusions reached by the CIA, the State Department, virtually all of the academic literature written on the subject and al Qaeda members’ own explanations of their motivations.