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      Jeb Golinkin

      Jeb Golinkin is a 3L at the University of Texas School of Law. He served as Senior Editor and Reporter for from 2008-2011 and is a periodic contributor to David Frum’s blog at the Daily Beast. Follow Jeb on Twitter @jgolinkin.

The Rumors Of Marco Rubio’s Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Marco Rubio ABC Debate [screen shot ABC]

When I arrived in New Hampshire two Thursdays ago, Marco Rubio was ascendant. After finishing a strong third in Iowa — only narrowly behind Trump — Rubio had surged into second place in virtually every New Hampshire poll. Rallies were jam packed with adoring supporters, and the media was prepared to anoint Marco the establishment candidate. Jeb Bush — whose Super PAC, Right to Rise, has spent $22 million in campaign funds gifted him by his father’s friend’s relentlessly and desperately attacking Rubio — was struggling to convince voters he had the energy, much less the experience, to be President of the United States. Most national voters probably didn’t know who Jon Kasich was. As for Chris Christie … well, many liked him, few were prepared to vote for him.

New York Times investigation uncovers federalism

8:17 PM 12/02/2012

A New York Times investigation has uncovered a shocking scandal they would have you believe involves big corporations blackmailing your state government and stealing tax dollars that should be spent on public education. This scandal, though not identified as such in the article, is called federalism. It finds its roots in the 10th Amendment of the United States Constitution.