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      Jim Simpson

      Businessman and Examiner.com columnist Jim Simpson is a former White House staff economist and budget analyst. His writings have been published in Big Government.com, American Thinker, Washington Times, WorldNetDaily, FrontPage Magazine, Soldier of Fortune and others. His blog is Truth & Consequences.

Soviet Islam: The Real Story

7:03 PM 04/28/2017

Capital Research Center has just released the second of its Dangerous Documentaries, America Under Siege: Soviet Islam. I can say without hesitation that this is the most important documentary released this year. Veteran researcher Trevor Loudon joins leading foreign policy experts to explain the nexus between international Communism and radical Islam.

Conservative Conference Threatened By Heavily-Armed Muslim Man

8:53 PM 04/17/2017

A conference held on April 9 on Christian and conservative issues in Sioux Falls, South Dakota was threatened by a Muslim man carrying multiple firearms. He attended the conference and posted numerous videos on his Facebook page, including a display of the multiple assault-style rifles, pistols and ammunition he was carrying on his person and in his van.

Rescind the Executive Order — And Replace It With Many Tougher Ones

4:38 PM 02/09/2017

President Trump needs to deny the Left a victory over his immigration executive order. The court challenge now being heard by the infamously unconstitutional and extremist 9th Circuit threatens to set a precedent that will codify open borders and leave the president powerless to protect us. Trump can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and deny the Left their unconscionable and unconstitutional attempted power grab by rescinding this EO and issuing stronger multiple replacements as stand alone orders.

Refugee Resettlement Fraud Part IV: Refugee Vetting And The Trump EO

7:24 PM 02/07/2017

The Left, in collusion with the taxpayer-funded refugee resettlement industry, has pulled out all the stops to oppose President Trump's executive order on refugees. They have promulgated so much misinformation on this subject that it defies description. We have almost universal misreporting by the media, disappointingly including supposedly "conservative" media like the Washington Examiner, which should know better. Relying on emotion rather than facts, the media have joined the dull roar of protest to bewail the treatment of Syrian refugees, and imply those who support Trump are "bigots", "racists" and "Islamophobes". Some sane counterpoint is in order.

CNN, Fake News And Trump Protesters

2:19 PM 01/20/2017

In his first press conference since the election, President-Elect Donald Trump called CNN reporter Jim Acosta "fake news" and refused to take his questions. In so doing, Trump once again effectively turned the Democrats' own tactics against them. The whole "fake news" meme was initiated by Democrats following the elections, when they scrambled to blame anyone but themselves for their massive electoral failures. We the People were supposedly tricked into supporting Trump because we ignorantly listened to "fake news" sites like Breitbart and The Daily Caller.

NPR’s Bias Factory

1:31 PM 11/08/2016

According to its "About" page, NPR "presents fact-based, independent journalism that examines and airs diverse perspectives."

Refugee Resettlement Scam Part III: Syrian Vetting Worries Are “Stupid”

4:16 PM 11/07/2016

Practically every security professional in the U.S. has warned that Syrian refugees cannot be safely vetted, and warn that Islamic State (IS) and other terrorists may attempt to exploit that vulnerability. Despite this, refugee resettlement advocates insist that fears about vetting of Syrian refugees are "stupid". First, they argue, refugees are among the most exhaustively vetted immigrants of all. Second, refugees don't get to decide what country they will be resettled to; that is a decision made by the resettlement bureaucracy. Finally, they chuckle, why would any self-respecting terrorist wait many months or even years in a muddy, stinking refugee camp, without adequate food and water, to run the gauntlet of U.S. security screening to be accepted as a possible refugee for resettlement to the U.S.?

Refugee Resettlement Scams Part II: 60 Minutes Enables Program Fraud

11:55 AM 10/21/2016

60 Minutes aired a short interview about the refugee vetting process with Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson on Sunday. To say that Bill Whitaker, the interviewer, failed to do his job is an understatement. It is a study in serial journalistic malpractice. Johnson lied and misled about the vetting process from start to finish and was not once challenged by Whitaker.

Refugee Resettlement Programs Scam The Public

8:22 PM 10/07/2016

Today's Refugee Resettlement program is a study in government-sponsored fraud. The nine primary resettlement contractors, called "Voluntary Agencies" or VOLAGs, work with 350 subcontractors called "affiliates," and are paid per head to resettle refugees. This includes $2,025 for each refugee from the State Department’s Reception and Placement program, and a Voluntary Agencies Matching Grant of up to $2,200 for employment-eligible refugees from the Health and Human Services Department's Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR).

What is to be done? Congressman Steve King responds

12:18 PM 12/07/2010

For years we have heard the common refrain that “the people don’t get it,” or we’re “stupid,” or we “really don’t care.” Ignoring the Americans who serially vote Democrat because they have been bought off with welfare payments or some other benefit, I have always argued otherwise, and Reagan’s 1980 and 1984 landslide victories bore me out. Of course, as president, the senior Bush quickly smashed that resurgent national spirit with a “wicked political pivot” back to insipid mediocrity.