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2012 and the not-so-super PACs

Joe Kildea
Media and Rapid Response Consultant, Rational 360

In the first presidential contest of the Citizens United era, super PACs and their leading front man, Karl Rove, seem to have lost spectacularly.

Why has the Democratic National Convention been such a disaster?

3:28 PM 09/06/2012

When asked about the Democratic convention in Charlotte, NC, Mitt Romney called it a “celebration of failure.” Granted, he may be a little biased. Yet the spectacle coming out of the DNC this week is hard to ignore or even gloss over with well-intentioned words.

When anti-capitalists attack

8:21 PM 07/16/2012

While the summer campaign season of the 2012 presidential election trudges on, the political class is furiously debating the merits of Gov. Romney’s tenure at Bain. The country is $16 trillion in debt, waging a global war on terror, and still desperately trying to climb out of a deep recession. Yet, the issue of the day as July ticks by, the political controversy du jour, is how the business experience of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney affects his ability to be an effective president.

Holder speaks on school violence, critics question federal role

9:21 AM 04/07/2011

Attorney General Eric Holder says the Justice Department has a central role to play in tackling the problem of youth violence, but some education experts are skeptical of the federal government’s hand in the matter.

On spending showdown, who will blink first?

8:11 PM 04/05/2011

Republicans and Democrats have spent months laying the groundwork for this moment: both parties at seemingly irreconcilable differences and a government shutdown looming.

Tea Party group demands more urgency in spending cuts by House GOP leadership

10:40 AM 03/04/2011

Tea Partiers and some of their congressional allies are warning that Republicans could see a 2006-style blowout in 2012 if they fail to deliver promised budget cuts, such as defunding the health care reform law.