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Joe Kildea
Media and Rapid Response Consultant, Rational 360
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      Joe Kildea

      Joe Kildea is a media and rapid response consultant with Rational 360. Previously, Joe was Managing Editor at The Daily Caller. On the campaign trail, Joe was war room manager for Bush-Cheney ’04 and rapid response director for Rick Scott for Governor. In government, Joe served in the Bush administration in the White House Press Office. A proud Hoya, Joe holds a B.S.B.A. and J.D. from Georgetown and is a native Washingtonian.

When anti-capitalists attack

8:21 PM 07/16/2012

While the summer campaign season of the 2012 presidential election trudges on, the political class is furiously debating the merits of Gov. Romney’s tenure at Bain. The country is $16 trillion in debt, waging a global war on terror, and still desperately trying to climb out of a deep recession. Yet, the issue of the day as July ticks by, the political controversy du jour, is how the business experience of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney affects his ability to be an effective president.