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Charles Vacca’s Death Is A Tragedy, But Gun Range Accidents Are Exceedingly Rare

John Lott
President, Crime Prevention Research Center
Shooting instructor Charles Vacca stands next to a 9-year-old girl at the Last Stop shooting range in White Hills, Arizona near the Nevada border, on August 25, 2014, in this still image taken from video courtesy of the Mohave County Sheriff's Office. REUTERS/Mohave County Sheriff's Office/Handout via Reuters

Even experts sometimes make mistakes.  That happened this past Sunday when a firing range instructor at the Last Stop outdoor shooting range in White Hills, Arizona was accidentally shot to death by a 9-year-old student.

Violent Crime, Not Police Abuse, Is The Real Threat To Black Americans

10:30 AM 08/22/2014

Yesterday’s “Nationwide Day of Rage for Ferguson,” demonstrations that were planned to protest police violence against blacks for the 51 cities across the U.S., was a bust. Is it possible that most blacks believe that violent crime, not the threat of police, is the real danger that threatens black Americans, particularly young black males?

Why Gunlock Laws Make People Less Safe

9:14 AM 08/12/2014

It’s every family’s worst nightmare to lose a child. The Naumkin family, of Saratoga Springs, New York, suffered such a tragedy in 2010, when twelve-year-old Nicholas died from an accidental gunshot. A friend had fired his father’s unlocked gun.

Why Legalizing Concealed Carry Is The Answer To Persistent Stalkers

4:31 PM 08/05/2014

This op-ed was co-written by Taylor Woolrich, a junior at Dartmouth College this fall. She is speaking at the Student’s for Concealed Carry National Conference in Washington D.C. on Tuesday, August 5th.

Washington DC’s Three Days Of Gun Freedom

1:18 PM 07/30/2014

Washington, DC, was the last place in America that completely banned people carrying concealed handguns. Then it was temporarily one of the most liberal.

Six Falsehoods Pushed By Bloomberg’s Gun Control Apparatchiks

11:33 AM 06/09/2014

On "Meet the Press" earlier this month, Michael Bloomberg claimed that what he is doing “is nothing about gun control.” But host David Gregory, acting as a cheerleader, not a probing questioner, let that statement go unchallenged. Unfortunately, Bloomberg is used to overwhelmingly uncritical media coverage.

No, Obama’s judicial nominees don’t have unusually long confirmation times

10:18 AM 09/11/2013

Sparks will likely fly today during Robert Wilkins confirmation hearing to the prestigious D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, or as President Obama calls it, "the second highest court in the country." Adding fuel to the fire, when Wilkins was nominated in June President Obama claimed that Republicans were "cynically” engaging in “unprecedented" obstruction of judicial nominations. Further, Democrats keep threatening to change Senate rules, doing away with the filibuster for judicial nominations, if they don’t get their way.

Obama’s spending failure

6:21 PM 02/13/2013

According to President Obama, cutting government spending will “certainly slow our recovery.” Over and over again, he has described the sequester’s threatened $85 billion cut in spending out of a $3.8 trillion budget as “devastating.” But that represents a mere 2 percent cut in spending. Obama frightens people by pretending that the $1 trillion cut takes place right away rather than being spread out over 10 years.