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In New York, sports teams’ losing comes naturally

10:31 AM 01/21/2011

It has been 42 years since the Jets won a championship — four decades of failure and fiasco that, with any luck, might come to an end with a victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday and another in the Super Bowl in Arlington, Tex., on Feb. 6.

Golden Globes cement Best Actress Oscar race as a Natalie Portman-Annette Bening showdown

8:09 AM 01/17/2011

In the lead-up to the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes are usually a pretty good indicator of who is on the road to Oscar glory. While the prizes are handed out by two entirely different voting bodies -- the Globes come from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a collection of foreign journalists who cover the American movie industry, and the Oscars are awarded by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, a collective of over 6,000 film professionals (actors, directors, writers, etc.) -- more often than not, if an actor or actress wins the Globes' lead dramatic acting prize, they go on to score the Oscar.

‘Social Network’ big winner at Golden Globes [SLIDESHOW]

11:06 AM 01/16/2011

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Host Ricky Gervas humorously insulted nearly every A-lister in the room at the Golden Globes, while the big winner was "The Social Network" — a movie about a guy who riles up everyone on campus with his new and invasive website.

Golden Globes: The party circuit

2:07 PM 01/14/2011

Let's hope the Beverly Hilton Hotel is reinforced in steel come Golden Globes Sunday — each year the awards telecast brings crushing star power to Beverly Hills as film and television celebrate their best and brightest, and this year is no exception. As the telecast emanates from the Hilton, studios and media tend to also focus their parties there, making for a wild power vortex. The lineups are still evolving, but here's a guide to the best parties this weekend, from pre-game to the main event.

In Zenyatta’s mating game, pressure builds for Mr. Right

2:04 PM 01/14/2011

VERSAILLES, Ky. — Zenyatta has had her nails done and been visited by Capone, a teaser stallion with a not very romantic name. He will never have her, though. She is destined for a more pedigreed mate and, as in all arranged weddings, the days before will be fraught with the anxiety and stomach-turning expectations usually directed at the union of British royals.

Less nasty, more nice in revamped American Idol

8:57 AM 01/12/2011

(Reuters) - "American Idol" returns to television next week not only with two new celebrity judges, but a whole new attitude -- less of the cutting put-downs and more support and coaching for aspiring new pop stars, producers said on Tuesday.

TheDC Morning: Would more red tape for everyone have stopped Loughner from buying a gun?

9:05 AM 01/11/2011

1.) Remember: You're a liar and/or an idiot if you call it 'a government takeover of health care' -- Tomorrow, a group of bureaucrats will meet to determine which treatments private insurance companies will be mandated to cover, and for how long. "The Obama administration faces a tough balancing act," writes Kaiser Health News. "The benefits package must be broad enough to be comprehensive but not too broad as to be unaffordable. Patient advocates and industry lobbyists already are drawing up wish lists for items they want covered – including autism therapy, obesity treatments, infertility treatments and unlimited chemotherapy visits." AEI's Joe Antos told KHN, "This is an invitation for all kinds of lobbying from every conceivable disease group and provider group in the country." For instance: Joe Nadglowski, CEO of the Obesity Action Coalition, thinks insurers should be required to cover bariatric surgery. "Adding a wider range of treatments would raise premium costs, Nadglowski acknowledges, but could save money over time if people sought both prevention and treatment for obesity." That's a lot of ifs.

Kobe says he is not the Lakers leak

9:00 AM 01/05/2011

The Lakers can't seem to stay out of the headlines. Whether it is Mavericks owner Mark Cuban calling Phil Jackson a "boy toy" or Jackson and Artest reportedly getting into a confrontation.

How Ohio State won a bowl while losing respect

8:59 AM 01/05/2011

More mediocre teams than ever filling out too many bowl games for more than three weeks has turned college football's postseason into a blur for just about everyone but family, friends, alumni and NFL scouts.

Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson exchange passive-aggressive criticisms

9:31 AM 01/03/2011

Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson have been with the L.A. Lakers together for more than 10 years. Most marriages don't last that long; you'll understand if Kobe and Phil bicker a bit now and then, especially when things are rocky at home. Things are certainly rocky at home, with the Grizzlies killin' the Lakers 104-85 at Staples Center on Sunday night.