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The sequester will be good for the economy

Jeffrey Miron
Senior Lecturer, Harvard University

Politicians, pundits and economists are all forecasting horrific impacts on the U.S. economy as sequestration hits Friday. The basis for this view is the standard --- Keynesian --- claim that spending cuts slow economic growth, perhaps even causing a recession.

The realities behind the immigration debate

12:00 AM 05/18/2010

Arizona’s new immigration policy, which requires aliens to carry immigration papers and directs the police to detain “suspected aliens,” has re-ignited debates over how to reduce illegal immigration. Most of this debate involves wishful thinking: the claim that stricter border controls or Arizona-like measures can make a real difference. The reality is that only four policies can significantly reduce illegal immigration.

Slash expenditure to balance the budget

12:05 AM 02/18/2010