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The attorney who revealed Mark Felt as Watergate's Deep Throat

Rod Rosenstein Needs To Get His Act Together Or HIT THE ROAD

3:21 AM 04/16/2018

Many Trump supporters are calling for Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be fired, especially in view of the recent Mueller-inspired raid of the attorney-client files of Trump lawyer Michael Cohen. All leading opposition officials, and indeed many conservatives, are strongly opposed to terminating Mueller. But all of them, to be sure, are addressing the wrong issue.

Russiagate Journalism: Let’s Tell Both Sides This Time

2:30 AM 02/13/2018

As Robert Mueller’s Special Counsel’s team begins to focus on sitting White House officials, another “gate” beckons for scandal-seeking journalists. But as reporters vie to be the next Bob Woodward, they might be wise to break the mold, and report all the facts, both positively and negatively affecting their desired outcome. Skewing facts or hiding inconvenient ones, as The Washington Post did in Watergate so effectively, will no longer work.

Watergate Journalism: The Seeds Of Our Discontent

1:38 AM 01/24/2018

We can all agree that American society is divided, and many blame the division on an irrational distrust of our major media. Time magazine recently lamented how public skepticism is growing in spite of the strength of today’s aggressive investigative journalism: